Giovanni Antonio Terzi

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Two books of music survive from this Italian lutenist and composer. It is clear that Terzi loved instrumental music but wrote a number of accompaniments for voice with two lutes. The compositions with…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Canzone a 8 for 4 lutes & voice 03:12 Chamber Music
Toccata for lute 02:36 Chamber Music
Liquide perle Amor da gl'occhi sparse, diminuations for lute (after Marenzio) 1593 03:21 Chamber Music
Fantasia in the form of a canzon "Francese del Guami" 04:36 Chamber Music
Toccata 02:36 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Petit Jacquet 04:26 Chamber Music
Preambulo de l'autore sopra le Corente Francese, for lute (Book 2) 01:32 Chamber Music
A duoi liutti vnisoni, un'altra Canzone del medesimo a 4, for 2 lutes (after Claudio da Correggio) 04:14 Chamber Music
A duoi liutti vnisoni, canzon di Claudio da Correggio a 4, for 2 lutes 03:14 Chamber Music
Fantasia Seconda in modo di anzon Francese, for lute (Book 2) 05:49 Chamber Music
Liquide perle a 5. di Luca Marenzio, for 2 lutes (Book 2) 03:02 Chamber Music
Iouisance canzon Francesa di Adriano, for lute (Book 2) 04:58 Chamber Music
Corente Francese Secondo, for lute (Book 2) 01:11 Chamber Music
Preludio for lute (Book 2) 02:30 Chamber Music
Susanne un Iour, canzon francese a 5 di Orlando Lasso, for 2 lutes 05:21 Chamber Music
Corente Francese Primo, for lute (Book 2) 01:23 Chamber Music
Ballo Alemano Primo, for lute (Book 2) 01:28 Chamber Music
Fantasia Seconda, for lute (Book 2) 05:15 Chamber Music
Anchor ch'io possa dire a 6 del Striggio, for 2 lutes 04:45 Chamber Music
Balletto Alemano, for lute (Book 2) 00:53 Chamber Music
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