Giacinto Scelsi

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Scelsi was an Italian composer who chose a path separate from all modernist movements and created music of a highly intuitive, mystical nature.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Canti (20) del Capricorno, for woman's voice, another voice & instruments 1962 Vocal Music
Maknongan for baritone saxophone, tuba, contrabassoon, contrabass clarinet, or any bass instrument 1976 Chamber Music
Quattro Pezzi su una nota sola (Four Pieces on Only One Note), for 25 musicians 1959 Orchestral
Illustrazione (4), for piano 1953 Keyboard
Ko-Tha ("A Dance of Shiva"), for guitar (or bass or 6-string cello) & percussion 1967 Chamber Music
Trilogia (Die drei Lebensalter des Menschen), for solo cello 1957 Chamber Music
Preludes (12) for piano, Series 1 1936 Keyboard
Ko-Lho, for flute & clarinet 1966 Chamber Music
Hô, 5 songs for soprano solo 1960 Vocal Music
Incantations (Incantesimi), for piano 1953 Keyboard
Kya, for B flat clarinet & 7 instruments 1959 Chamber Music
Hyxos, for alto flute in G, 2 gongs & percussion 1955 Chamber Music
Ixor, for reed instrument 1956 Chamber Music
Quays, for alto flute solo 1953 Chamber Music
Uaxuctum, for ondes martenot, chorus, 8 percussionists & 23 musicians 1966 Choral
String Quartet No. 4 1964 Chamber Music
Suite No.9 "Ttai," for piano 1953 Keyboard
Xnoybis, for solo violin 1964 Chamber Music
Pieces (3) for soprano saxophone (or bass trumpet) 1956 Chamber Music
Pwyll, for flute 1954 Chamber Music
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