Giaches de Wert

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With the exception of Lassus, who was not primarily a madrigal composer and whose astonishing versatility warrants separate consideration, Giaches de Wert was the last of the great Franco-Flemish madrigal…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Vox in rama audita est, for 5 voices, W xiii 81 1581 Vocal Music
Giunto a la tomba, for 5 voices, W vii, 38 1581 Vocal Music
Vezzosi augelli, W viii, 11 1586 Vocal Music
Peccavi super numerum, motet for 6 voices, W xvi, 42 1581 Choral
Ascendente Jesu in Naviculam, for 6 voices, W xvi, 23 1581 Vocal Music
Adesto dolori meo, o Deus 1566 Choral
Egressus Iesus, motet for 7 voices, W xvi, 88 1581 Choral
Or si rallegri il cielo Vocal Music
Forsennata gridava, for 5 voices, W viii, 49 1586 Vocal Music
Amen, amen dico vobis, motet for 5 voices, W xiii, 53 1581 Choral
Quiescat vox tua a ploratu, motet for 6 voices, W xvi, 5 1581 Vocal Music
Qual musico gentil, for 5 voices, W viii, 36 1586 Choral
Misera che faro, W vii, 8 1581 Vocal Music
Sorgi e rischiara, W vii, 1 1581 Vocal Music
Solo e penoso, W vii, 32 1581 Vocal Music
Gratie ch'a pochi il ciel, for 6 voices, W vii, 47 1581 Vocal Music
Voi ch'ascoltate, W ii, 3 1561 Choral
Questi odorate fiori, W viii, 13 1586 Choral
Dolci spoglie, W xv, 45 1561 Choral
O altitudo divitiarum, for 6 voices, W xvi, 14 1581 Vocal Music
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