Arising from the ashes of the Ann Arbor grunge outfit whirlingRoad, Getaway Cruiser, in a way, illustrates the evolution of alternative rock. Brothers Chris and Drew Peters were always fascinated by music; by the time they attended the University of Michigan in the early '90s, they had decided to become part of the industry. The Peters established themselves as record reviewers at The Michigan Review, the University's conservative publication, and began working on their band, whirlingRoad. From the outset, they decided to have control over their recordings, founding an independent label called Skillet Records with the assistance of Ted Nugent's manager Doug Banker, and skillfully promoting the label by pasting stickers of their logo all over campus. whirlingRoad gigged whenever they could, playing frat parties and, eventually, the Blind ...
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Getaway Cruiser 1998 Getaway Cruiser
Phones Calling 1997 Phones Calling
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