Gerald "Eli" Smith


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Year Album Artist
2008 Where's the $%&#@ Beer? Jimmy Carl Black Woodwind, Vocals (Background)
2005 You Play Like Chet Gerald Smith Producer, Liner Notes, Vocal Harmony
2004 Duck Tape Gerald Smith Vocals, Harmony, Animal Sounds
2003 Hard Jagged Edge Digital Editing, Assistant Engineer, Pro-Tools
2003 Timeless Richard "Groove" Holmes Guitar
2002 Next Level Quarter Til Engineer
2001 Good Times 2 Joey Jay / Norman Jay Flute, Saxophone
2000 Tasty Miss Justine Guitar
1999 A Little Houston on the Side Houston Person Guitar
1995 Dreams on Long Play Grandmothers Vocals, Woodwind
1995 Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings, Vol. 4: Outstandingly Ignited Vocals, Sax (Soprano)
1991 Groove's Groove Richard "Groove" Holmes Guitar
1973 Hard to Stop Betty Wright Saxophone, Soloist