Year Title Avg.
1910 Aggravation Rag, for band 02:43 Band Music Rag
1921 Asia Minor, fox trot for band 01:37 Band Music
1913 Bring Me Back My Lovin' Honey Boy, ragtime song 03:04 Vocal Music
Broken China, novelty for band 03:50 Band Music
Buffalo Means Business, march & two step for piano 02:48 Keyboard March
Dementia Americana - A Super Syncopated Suite, for piano 13:20 Keyboard
1913 The Get-a-Way, march for band 02:33 Band Music
Irish Confetti, rag for piano 02:44 Keyboard Rag
The Midnight Trot - A Novelty One Step and Trot (Maxixe), for piano 03:12 Keyboard
1914 Mona Lisa Valse, for band 04:49 Band Music
1909 Rubber Plant Rag, for ensemble 02:56 Orchestral
1918 Russian Rag, for jazz ensemble (after Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C sharp minor, Op. 3/2) 03:06 Keyboard Rag
Snuggle Pup, for piano 02:59 Keyboard Character Piece
1917 Some Shape, one-step for band 02:19 Band Music
That Hindu Rag 03:33 Keyboard Rag

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