George F. Marion

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Stage actor, director, composer, and choreographer in demand on Broadway at the turn of the 20th Century.
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b. 16 July 1860, San Francisco, California, USA, d. 30 November 1945, Carmel, California, USA. Noted on Broadway as a performer and, later, as a choreographer and director, Marion’s early work included appearances in A Reign Of Error and Papa’s Wife (both 1899) and The Little Duchess (1901), which he also staged. He was responsible for the musical staging of The Doings Of Mrs Dooley (1902), then staged the musical The Prince Of Pilsen and the play The County Chairman (both 1903). He directed the musical The Yankee Consul, the play College Widow and the musicals The Sho-Gun and Woodland (all 1904). In 1905 he staged a revival of The Yankee Consul and also staged Nancy Stair and Easy Dawson, both plays with music. Later that year and through into 1907 he staged more plays, then the musicals, The Yankee Tourist and The Merry Widow (both 1907). He staged more musicals in 1908, Nearly A Hero, The Merry-Go-Round, The Girl Question, Algeria, in which he also starred, and The Boys And Betty, as well as the play, Blue Grass. Among other musicals Marion staged were Stubborn Cinderella (1909), The Spring Maid (which ran from 26 December 1910 until 1 February 1913), The Fascinating Widow and Gypsy Love (both 1911), Modest Suzanne and The Rose Maid (both 1912), The Purple Road (1913), Suzi and The Debutante (both 1914), Molly O’ (1916) and Eileen (1917), for which he also prepared the dance routines.

Marion then returned to performing, including the musical The Grass Widow (1917) and several dramas between 1919 and 1921. He was credited with rehearsing the dialogue for Ziegfeld Follies Of 1921, then staged the musicals Tangerine and a revival of The Merry Widow (both 1921), before performing in more plays, including Anna Christie (also 1921) and several others through into 1928. That year he directed the musical White Lilacs, and in 1929 staged the musical Boom Boom. Marion also worked as a vocal coach. His son, George Marion Jnr. , was a lyricist, librettist and screenwriter.