Georg Philipp Telemann

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A remarkably prolific, skillful, and forward-thinking German composer, who wrote many sacred and secular vocal works as well as orchestral, chamber, and keyboard music.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Tafelmusik (Musique de table), collection of 18 chamber pieces for various ensembles organized into 3 "productions" 1733 Chamber Music Orchestral
Trumpet Concerto for trumpet, strings & continuo in D major, TWV 51:D7 1708 Concerto
Overture, suite for recorder (or flute), strings & continuo in A minor, TWV 55:a2 1735 Orchestral
Work(s) 1700 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Essercizii Musici (24), collection of sonatas (12) for solo instrument with/without continuo and trios (12) for various combinations 1740 Chamber Music
Concerto for viola, strings & continuo in G major, TWV 51:G9 1716 Concerto
Concerto for recorder, flute, strings & continuo in E minor, TWV 52:e1 1712 Concerto
Musique Heroïque (12), marches for 2 instruments & continuo (a.k.a "Heldenmusik"), TWV 50:31-42 1728 Band Music
Der Getreue Music-Meister (68), collection of vocal and chamber instrumental pieces 1728 Chamber Music
St. Matthew Passion (1746), for chorus, recorder, oboe, oboe d'amore, 2 horns, strings & continuo, TWV 5:31 1746 Choral
Overture, suite for trumpet, oboe, strings & continuo in D major (Tafelmusik II:1), TWV 55:D1 1733 Orchestral
Concerto for horn, violin, 2 violas & continuo in D major, TWV 51:D8 1708 Concerto
Concerto for trumpet, 2 oboes, strings & continuo in D major, TWV 53:D2 1768 Concerto
Overture, suite for 2 flutes, strings & continuo in E minor (Tafelmusik I/1), TWV 55:e1 1733 Orchestral
Concerto for flute, violin, cello, strings & continuo in A major (Tafelmusik I/3), TWV 53:A2 1733 Concerto
Wasser Overture, for 2 recorders, flute, 2 oboes, bassoon, strings & continuo in C major ("Hamburger Ebb und Fluth"), TWV 55:C3 1723 Orchestral
Sonata for bassoon (or recorder) & continuo in F minor (GMM No. 36), TWV 41:f1 1728 Chamber Music
Concerto for oboe, strings & continuo in E minor, TWV 51:e1 1712 Concerto
Concerto for recorder, viola da gamba, strings & continuo in A minor, TWV 52:a1 1725 Concerto
Fantasia, for flute No. 1 in A major, TWV 40:2 1732 Chamber Music
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