New Zealand-born tenor Geoff Sewell became an international classical crossover star in the so-called "opera band" Amici Forever before leaving the singing group in 2006 and embarking upon a solo career. Though born in New Zealand, Sewell relocated to London, England, in 1997 after completing his studies at the Boston Conservatory of Music in the United States. After arriving in London, he performed on the West End and got into the music business with his wife, first founding the group Tenors Incognito and then other variations of the group before ultimately founding the classical crossover group Amici Forever in 2002. With clear mainstream-crossover ambitions, the original lineup -- comprised of two tenors (Sewell, David Habbin), a baritone-bass (Nick Garrett), and two soprano singers (Jo Appleby, Tsakane Valentine) -- made its ...
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