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Year Album Artist
2020 Land of Sensations & Delights: Psych Pop Sounds of White Whale Records (1965-1970) Composer, Producer
2016 Playlist: Very Best of the Grass Roots The Grass Roots Composer
2014 The Complete Original Dunhill/ABC Hit Singles The Grass Roots Composer
2014 Hey Lover Boy!: An Assortment of Girlie Tracks of the 60s Composer
2012 Party Rock Composer
2009 Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 Composer
2009 Summer Girl: The Complete Recordings Sixpentz Producer
2008 Joy 94.9, Vol. 5 Composer
2007 Phil's Spectre, Vol. 3: Third Wall of Soundalikes Composer
2007 Onelove: Smash Your Stereo Composer
2007 Imperial & Minit Years Clydie King Composer
2006 Sugar on Sunday: The Definitive Collection The Clique Producer, Arranger, Composer
2006 Sound of Superman Composer
2006 Golden Legends: The Grass Roots The Grass Roots Composer
2006 And I Feel Fine...: The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 R.E.M. Composer
2005 The '60s Rock Experience Composer
2005 Juke Box Hits 1969 Composer
2005 Hit Radio Flashback, Vol. 2 Composer
2005 Hard to Find Hits of the 70's Composer
2005 Complete Anthology The Mamas & the Papas Producer, Composer
2004 Super Hits 1970 Composer
2004 Super Hits 1969 Composer
2004 Rockin' 70's [Sony] Composer
2004 Ride the Wild Surf/Folk 'n Roll Jan & Dean Composer
2004 Part of My Past Simon Dupree & the Big Sound Composer
2004 Out of Nowhere: The White Whale Story, Vol. 2 Producer, Composer
2004 On How Life Is/The Id Macy Gray Composer
2004 Karaoke Party: 70's Rock Karaoke Party Composer
2004 Karaoke Party 70's Rock [CD 1] Composer
2004 In the Garden: The White Whale Story Producer, Composer
2004 Gold Collection: Solid Gold Hits Composer
2004 Gold Collection: Pop Chart Busters Composer
2004 Gold Collection: Golden Oldies Composer
2004 20 Best of Rockin' 70's Composer
2003 Turn Up the Rock! Composer
2003 Rock N Roll Reunion 1971 Composer
2003 Phil's Spectre: A Wall of Soundalikes Composer
2003 Hit Box 2, Vol. 2 Composer
2003 Greatest Summer Beach Hits [Box] Composer
2003 Greatest Summer Beach Hits [3] Composer
2003 Greatest Hits of the 70's [Platinum 2003 #1] Composer
2003 Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star Composer
2002 Ultimate Power of Supergroups Composer
2002 The Things We Do for Love [K-Tel] Composer
2002 The Pye Anthology David Garrick Composer
2002 The Hit Box, Vol. 2 Composer
2002 Sensational '70s [2002/Orange] Composer
2002 Sensational '70s [2002/Blue] Composer
2002 Right to Chews Composer
2002 Jukebox Hits 1969 [Madacy] Composer
2002 Best of the 70's [Madacy] Composer
2002 Anthology: Legendary Masked Surfer Unmasked Dean Torrence Composer
2002 12 Hits of the '60s, Vol. 2: Five Star Collection Producer
2001 The Id Macy Gray Composer
2001 Symphonic Hits The Grass Roots Composer
2001 Rock Treasures [Sony] Composer
2001 Love Is Forever [Box Set] Composer
2001 Love Is Forever Composer
2001 In Your Living Room Chestnut Station Composer
2001 Greatest Hits of the 70s [Platinum 2001 3 CD] Composer
2001 Greatest Hits of the 70's, Vol. 1 [Platinum 2001] Composer
2001 Greatest Hits of the 70's [Sony] Composer
2001 Greatest Hits [Remember] The Grass Roots Composer
2001 Forever Gold: 70's Decade Composer
2001 Best of the 70's [Direct Source 5 CD Box] Composer
2001 A Year in Your Life: 1971, Vol. 1 Composer
2001 70's Generation [Direct Source] Composer
2001 21 Winners: Rockin' 70's Composer
2001 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the Grass Roots The Grass Roots Composer
2000 Treasured Tunes, Vol. 8 Composer
2000 The Warmth of the Sun: Songs Inspired by the Beach Boys Composer
2000 The Seventies Generation: A Decade of Fun Composer
2000 Supergroups of the 70s [Madacy] Composer
2000 Rock Revolution Composer
2000 Rock N' Roll Hits of the 70's Composer
2000 Jukebox Hits of 1967, Vol. 2 Composer
2000 Groups That Rocked the 70's Composer
2000 Greatest Rock N' Roll Hits 70's Composer
2000 Greatest Hits of the 70's, Vol.12 Composer
2000 Classic Rock Crate, Vol. 4 Composer
2000 Classic Rock Crate Composer
2000 Best of the Seventies Composer
2000 Best of the 70's: Hits of 1971 Composer
2000 Best of the 70's [Purple] Composer
2000 Best of the 70's [Direct Source 6 CD Box] Composer
2000 Back for More Composer
2000 70's: Get Ready Composer
2000 70's Groove Machine [2000/2003] Composer
2000 3 Times Lucky The Grass Roots / Gary Lewis & the Playboys / Paul Revere & the Raiders Composer
2000 25 All-Time Greatest Bubblegum Hits: The Ultimate Bubblegum Collection Composer
2000 1971 [Direct Source] Composer
2000 1971 Top Picks Of Legacy Entertainment Composer
1999 The Greatest Hits of the 70s [Platinum 2003 #1] Composer
1999 The Albemarle Sound The Ladybug Transistor Composer
1999 String Quartet Tribute to R.E.M. [Vitamin] Vitamin String Quartet Composer
1999 Seventies Generation: 1970-1971 Composer
1999 Rock Stars on CD Composer
1999 Rock N' Roll Hits of the 70's: Great Groups of the 70's Composer
1999 Legends Live: Mark Lindsay & Friends Composer
1999 Hits of the 60's Pat Boone Composer
1999 Back to Back The Turtles Composer
1998 Vietnam: A Musical Retrospective Composer
1998 Sunshine Days, Vol. 4: 60's Pop Classics Producer
1998 Rock n' Roll Reunion: Class of 71 Composer
1998 Rock On: From 1970 to 1979 Composer
1998 Paradigm Associated Labels Composer
1998 Love Rocks, Vol. 2: Tonight's the Night Composer
1998 Greatest 70's Rock 'N' Roll Hits, Vol. 1 Composer
1998 As Easy as 1-2-3 Jan & Dean Vocals (Background), Composer
1998 AM Gold: Top 40 Treasures Composer
1997 Yellow Pills, Vol. 4 Composer
1997 The Seventies Generation: 1971 Composer
1997 Super Non-Stop 70's Dance Hits Composer
1997 Sunshine Days, Vol. 3: 60's Pop Classics Producer, Composer
1997 Rockin' Jukebox, 1969 Composer
1997 Rock n' Roll Reunion: Class of 69 Composer
1997 Rock On: 1970-1974 Composer
1997 Music That Changes Our Lives: 50's 60's 70's Composer
1997 Music That Changed Our Lives: 70's Composer
1997 Morning Glory Daze: Universal Soft Rock Collection, Vol. 2 Producer
1997 JukeBox Favorites: The Very Best of the Jukebox Hits! Composer
1997 Hotel de Love Composer
1997 Bubble Gum Classics Composer
1997 70's Rock [Madacy 1997] Composer
1997 70's Greatest Rock Hits, Vol. 2 Composer
1996 Rockin' 70's, Vol. 1 [Universal] Composer
1996 Rock On: 1971 Composer
1996 Kiwi Classics, Vol. 2 Composer
1996 Jan & Dean Take Linda Surfin'/Ride the Wild Surf Jan & Dean Composer
1996 Dead Man's Curve/The New Girl in School/Popsicle Jan & Dean Composer
1996 Bubblegum Classics, Vol. 3 Producer, Composer
1996 Biggest Summer Hits Composer
1996 All Time Greatest Hits The Grass Roots Composer
1995 The Greatest Classic Rock Hits Composer
1995 The Best of Dick & Dee Dee Dick & Dee Dee Composer
1995 The 70's Come Alive Again Composer
1995 Greatest Hits of the Seventies [Sony] Composer
1995 Bubblegum Classics, Vol. 2 Producer, Composer
1995 American Jukebox Classics, Vol. 2: Feeling Good & Having Fun Composer
1994 Super Hits, Vol. 2 [Hollywood] Composer
1994 Rock Stars on LP, Vol. 4 Composer
1994 Rhythm of the Rain [Varese Sarabande] Arranger, Composer
1994 R.E.M. Singles Collected R.E.M. Composer
1994 Good Old Rock & Roll: 28 Great Hits Composer
1993 Rock -N- Roll Years: 1971 Composer
1992 AM Gold: The Early '70s Composer
1991 Sullivan Years: Happy Together Composer
1991 Seventies Greatest Rock Hits, Vol. 12: #1 Group Composer
1991 Anthology: 1965-1975 The Grass Roots Composer
1990 Super Hits of the '70s: Have a Nice Day, Vol. 7 Composer
1990 Sounds of the Seventies: 1971 -- Take Two Composer
1990 Rock Artifacts, Vol. 1 Composer
1989 These People Are Nuts Composer
1989 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Composer
1989 Back to the '70s, Vol. 3 Composer
1988 Bonk Big Pig Composer
1987 The Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 The Grass Roots Composer
1987 Sooner or Later Ernest Kohl Composer
1987 Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 The Grass Roots Composer
1987 Greatest Hits 1969 Composer
1987 Good Old Rock and Roll, Vol. 2 Composer
1987 70's Gold Composer
1987 14 Greatest Hits The Grass Roots Composer
1986 Lifes Rich Pageant R.E.M. Composer
1985 Temptation Eyes The Grass Roots Composer
1984 Nuggets, Vol. 4: Pop, Pt. 2 Composer
1981 The Many Facets of Roger Roger Composer, Lyricist
1981 California U.S.A. Composer
1976 Pebbles, Vol. 4 Producer, Composer
1974 20 Solid Gold Hits Composer
1972 Rock's Greatest Hits Composer
1972 Rock On! [Columbia] Composer
1972 Move Along The Grass Roots Composer
1972 Meet the Brady Bunch The Brady Bunch Composer
1972 Hallelujah Sweathog Composer
1971 16 Greatest Hits The Grass Roots Composer
1969 The Original Hits of Right Now Composer
1969 The Clique The Clique Producer, Composer
1969 Leavin' It All Behind The Grass Roots Composer
1969 En La Esquina Los Fugitivos Composer
1968 Fun and Games Elephant Candy Producer, Composer
1968 Elephant Candy The Fun and Games Producer, Composer
1967 We Can Fly! Up-Up and Away Johnny Mann Singers Composer
1967 The Yellow Balloon Yellow Balloon Composer
1967 Save for a Rainy Day Jan & Dean Composer
1964 Ride the Wild Surf Jan & Dean Composer
¡Chicas!: Spanish Female Singers, Vol. 2: 1963-1978 Composer
Throwback Tunes: 70s Composer
Summer Girls: Lost Sunshine Pop Gems of the 1960s, Vol. 1 Composer
Sugar Pop Composer
Spinning Spinning Spinning: The Complete Simple Image Simple Image Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Pop Male Hits 8 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Rock: Magic Carpet Ride Composer
Karaoke: 60's Lovin' Composer
Its Always Blue: Songs From Legion Noah Hawley / Jeff Russo Composer
I'd Wait a Million Years/Midnight Confessions/Let's Live for Today [Live on The Ed Sullivan Show, December 28, 1969] The Grass Roots Composer
Drew's Famous Pure Pop of the 1970s The Hit Crew Composer/Lyricist
Drew's Famous Instrumental Pop Collection, Vol. 47 Composer/Lyricist
Como Te Quiero... Jimmy Santy Composer
Am I Dreaming? 80 Brit Girl Sounds of the '60s Composer
20 #1’s: Classic Rock Love Songs Composer
1971 [Universal] Composer