Gary Deane


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Year Album Artist
2016 Defected Presents Glitterbox Ibiza 2016 Mastering
2010 10 Years of Soul Heaven "Little" Louie Vega Executive Producer
2009 Bargrooves: Summer Sessions, Vol. II Executive Producer
2009 Defected Clubland Adventures: 10 Years in the House, Vol. 2 Remixing
2009 Defected in the House: Miami 09 Composer
2009 House Masters ATFC / ATFs / David Penn Mastering
2008 Bargrooves: Summer Sessions Mastering
2008 Defected in the House: Eivissa 08 Mastering
2008 Mix the Vibe: Teddy Douglas & DJ Spen Teddy Douglas Mastering, Remastering
2008 My World as They Remixed It Dennis Ferrer Mastering
2007 411 House Producer, Remixing
2007 Club Azuli: Ibiza 2007 Mastering
2007 Defected in the House: Miami 2007 Executive Producer, Mastering
2007 Mix the Vibe: For the Love of King Street "Little" Louie Vega Pre-Mastering
2007 Summer Sessions 2007 Mastering
2007 The House Affair 2 Executive Producer
2006 Art of House: Mixed by Johnny Kelvin Mastering
2006 Bargrooves: Azure Mastering
2006 Connected, Vol. 3: 15 Years of Garage City Bobby & Steve Mastering
2006 D-Fused and Digital Mastering
2006 Deep, Down and Discofied Simon Dunmore Mastering
2006 Defected Presents for the Love of House, Vol. 2 Producer, Remixing
2006 Defected in the House: Eivissa 06 Mastering
2006 Defected in the House: Miami 06 Simon Dunmore Producer, Mastering
2006 For the Love of House, Vol. 3 Mastering
2006 For the Love of House, Vol. 4 Mastering
2006 Hed Kandi: World Series Paris Mastering
2006 Housexy: Sounds of Summer Mastering
2006 Music from the Fashion Week: Special Edition, Vol. 2 Mastering
2006 Nothing's Perfect J.K. Hayes Producer, Mastering, Design
2006 Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha Bar, Vol. 3 Producer, Remixing
2006 Soul Heaven Presents DJ Spen & Osunlade Executive Producer, Mastering, Pre-Mastering
2006 Soul Heaven Presents Digital Heaven Mastering
2006 Southport Weekender, Vol. 5: Kenny Dope Gonzalez and Terry Hunter Mastering
2006 Stereo Sushi 2006 Mastering
2006 Testament of House: The Third Prophecy Producer, Remixing
2006 The White House [Seamless UK] Mastering
2005 Club Susu: Get Lifted Mastering
2005 Dance Grooves, Vol. 1 Producer, Remixing
2005 Defected D-Fused, Vol. 1 Producer, Remixing, Mastering
2005 Defected in the House: International Edition, Vol. 2 Mastering
2005 F*** Me I'm Famous!: Paris London Ibiza Miami David Guetta Producer, Remixing
2005 Hed Kandi: Es Vive Base Bar Ibiza 2005 Producer, Remixing
2005 Rendezvous Soul Tempo Engineer, Mastering
2005 Southport Weekender, Vol. 4 Mastering
2004 In the House DJ Jazzy Jeff Producer, Remixing
Pacha Global: Introducing The Nu-Breed II Jordan Evane / Dan McKie / Parsa / Vahid Pre-Mastering
Pacha Ibiza VIP, Vol. 1 Pre-Mastering