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Year Album Artist
2023 O Sun O Moon Bruce Cockburn Drums, Percussion
2022 Jann's JANNuary Playlist! Jann Arden Drums, Percussion
2022 For the Love of Jann Arden Jann Arden Drums, Percussion
2022 Descendant Jann Arden Drums, Percussion
2020 bLOW Colin Linden Engineer, Composer, Drums
2020 The Ultimate Christmas Collection Anne Murray Drums
2020 One Eye Open Kat Danser Drums, Percussion
2019 Rock Ballads: The Greatest Rock and Power Ballads of the 70s 80s 90s 00s Drums
2019 Crowing Ignites Bruce Cockburn Drums
2018 What We're Made Of The Washboard Union Drums
2017 Kings and Kings Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums, Group Member
2017 Hear the Music Fred Penner Drums, Percussion
2017 Bone on Bone Bruce Cockburn Drums, Percussion
2016 Loose Ends and Solid States Steve Dawson / Steve Dawson Drums, Percussion
2016 I Was So Fond of You Matt Patershuk Drums, Percussion
2016 Better the Devil You Know Big Dave McLean Drums, Percussion
2015 Shadow Trails Linda McRae Drums, Percussion
2015 Lucky Stars Leaf Rapids Drums
2015 Love Songs: The Collection Drums
2015 Faded Gloryville Lindi Ortega Drums, Percussion
2015 80s Fundamentals Drums
2015 80 Hits of the '80s Drums
2014 The Littlest Prisoner Jenny Scheinman Tambourine
2014 Strong Feelings Doug Paisley Drums
2014 South Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums, Percussion
2014 Rumours of Glory [True North] Bruce Cockburn Drums, Percussion, Tambourine
2014 Rock Ballads: The Collection Drums
2014 Fifty Shades of Red Linda McRae Drums, Percussion, Tambourine
2014 Faded But Not Gone Big Dave McLean Drums
2014 Driving Songs: The Collection Drums
2013 Clover Jadea Kelly Drums, Percussion
2012 Still Live Colin Linden Drums
2012 Best Day Dala Drums
2012 '80s: The Collection Drums
2011 The Good In Goodbye Madison Violet Drums
2011 Small Source of Comfort Bruce Cockburn Drums, Percussion
2011 Never Want to Go Ron Weiss Drums, Percussion
2011 My Country, Vol. 2: Smash Hits Drums
2011 Kings and Queens Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums, Percussion
2011 Forget About the World Jimmy Rankin Drums, Percussion
2011 Everything Jason McCoy Drums
2010 The Early Widows Justin Rutledge Drums, Percussion
2010 Now and Forever/Air Supply Air Supply Musician
2010 Journeys John McDermott Drums, Vocals (Background)
2009 The Long Way Home Terri Clark Drums
2009 The Columbia Years Colin Linden Photography, Harmonica, Drums, Tambourine, Percussion, Vocals (Background), Associate Producer, Composer
2009 Heartwood Sora Drums
2009 From the Water Colin Linden Drums, Percussion, Associate Producer
2009 Everyone Is Someone Dala Drums, Percussion
2009 Echoes Jenn Grant Drums, Percussion
2009 Beautiful World Jim Brickman Drums
2008 What a Wonderful World: 14 Inspirational Classics Anne Murray Drums, Percussion
2008 Sugarbird Paul Reddick Drums
2008 Highway Prayer Twilight Hotel Drums
2008 Field Guide to Loneliness Ben Sures Drums, Percussion
2008 Duets: Friends and Legends Anne Murray Drums
2008 Chasing the Sun Tara Oram Drums, Percussion
2008 Asking for Flowers Kathleen Edwards Drums, Percussion
2008 Anne Murray's Christmas Album Anne Murray Main Personnel, Drums, Drum
2008 15 of the Best: The 80's Drums
2007 Who Do You Think You Are? Dala Drums, Percussion
2007 Unsigned Sealed and Delivered, Vol. 2.0: A New Breed Drums
2007 Revue: The Best of Paul Reddick Paul Reddick Main Personnel, Drums
2007 Number One Jalayne Tradler Drums
2007 No-One to Blame Rita Chiarelli Drums, Percussion
2007 Melodrama Joel Kroeker Drums
2007 Magic Melanie Joy Drums, Percussion
2007 Let's Frolic Again Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums, Percussion
2007 Frontiers Jesse Cook Drums
2007 Edge of Day Jimmy Rankin Drums, Percussion
2007 Both Sides Samantha Schultz Drums, Percussion
2007 Altered Reality: The Instrumentals Lou DeAdder Drums
2006 Yellowjacket Stephen Fearing Main Personnel, Drums, Drum, Percussion
2006 Songs You Know, Vol. 5 Drums
2006 Saturday Night Blues: 20 Years Drums
2006 Rhino Hi-Five: Alannah Myles Alannah Myles Drums
2006 Life Short Call Now Bruce Cockburn Drums, Percussion
2006 Let's Frolic Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums, Percussion
2006 Bring on the Storm Charlie A'Court Drums, Percussion
2006 Better Days Edwin Drums
2006 A Tribute to Canadian Songwriters Billie Hughes Drums
2005 Southern Jumbo Colin Linden Drums, Session Photographer
2005 No Language Linda McLean Main Personnel, Drums
2005 Melissa O'Neil Melissa O'Neil Drums
2005 Back to Me Kathleen Edwards Drums
2005 All of Me Anne Murray Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion
2004 Villanelle Paul Reddick Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion
2004 Soulsville: Souled Out 'N Sanctified Danny Brooks Tambourine, Handclapping
2004 Sad & Beautiful World 1975-1999 Colin Linden Drums, Percussion
2004 I'll Be Seeing You Anne Murray Drums, Percussion
2004 Bark Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Additional Personnel, Drums
2003 You've Never Seen Everything Bruce Cockburn Drums, Percussion
2003 That's How I Walk Stephen Fearing Drums, Percussion
2003 Sapphire Skies Parmela Attariwala Drums
2003 Johnny's Blues: A Tribute to Johnny Cash Drums
2003 Billboard #1 Hits of the '90s Drums
2003 Big Mouth Colin Linden Drums, Percussion
2003 Beautiful: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot Drums
2002 Walkin' on Sunshine David Bradstreet Drums, Percussion
2002 Summer Dancing Lenore Drums
2002 Country Croonin' Anne Murray Drums, Percussion
2002 Anything Anytime Anywhere (Singles 1979-2002) Bruce Cockburn Drums
2002 33 Stars Suzie Vinnick Drums, Loop
2001 What a Wonderful Christmas Anne Murray Drums
2001 House That Hate Built Hate Dept. Group Member
2001 Dead Sea Cafe Brooks Williams Drums
2000 The View from Here Drums
2000 Raised by Wolves Colin Linden Photography, Drums, Drums (Snare), Percussion
2000 Conversation With the Blues Michael Pickett Main Personnel, Drums
1999 What a Wonderful World: 26 Inspirational Classics Anne Murray Drums, Percussion
1999 Mae Moore Mae Moore Drums, Percussion
1999 Kings of Love Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums, Shaker, Tambourine, Percussion, Tape Box
1999 Gust of Wind Ray Bonneville Drums, Percussion
1999 Breakfast in New Orleans Dinner in Timbuktu Bruce Cockburn Drums
1998 Industrial Lullaby Stephen Fearing Drums, Percussion, Loop, Drums (Snare)
1998 Bottleneck Dreams Salamander Crossing Drums, Percussion
1998 An Intimate Evening with Anne Murray Anne Murray Drums
1997 Through the Storm Through the Night Colin Linden Harmonica, Drums, Tambourine, Percussion, Vocals (Background), Associate Producer, Composer
1997 The Charity of Night Bruce Cockburn Drums, Tambourine, Percussion
1997 Flying Jenny Linda McRae Drums, Tambourine, Percussion
1997 Favorites Johnny Gill Compilation Producer
1997 7 Sisters Brooks Williams Drums
1996 High or Hurtin': The Songs of Willie P. Bennett Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums
1995 World Premiere, Vol. 1 Composer
1995 Unstoppable The Kings Drums
1995 The Good Catches Up Gowan Drums, Percussion
1995 Knife Edge Brooks Williams Drums, Percussion
1995 Blackberry John Bottomley Drums, Percussion
1993 South at Eight-North at Nine Colin Linden Drums, Percussion, Associate Producer
1993 Christmas Bruce Cockburn Drums, Percussion
1993 ...But You Can Call Me Larry Gowan Drums
1992 Exchange Exchange Drums, Drum Overdubs
1992 Black Velvet [Single] Alannah Myles Drums
1992 All Around the World Eddie Kirkland Drums
1991 Dance of Love Dan Hill Drums, Programming, Drum Programming
1989 Alannah Myles Alannah Myles Drums
1988 When the Spirit Comes Colin Linden Drums, Percussion
1986 Rock 'N Roll Teddy Bear Rosenshontz Drums
1984 Stand Back The Arrows Drums
1984 Public Life Eddie Schwartz Drums
1981 No Refuge Eddie Schwartz Drums
התחלות חדשות [New Beginnings] Drums
Written on the Wind Fergus Hambleton Drums, Percussion
World Gone Mad Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums, Percussion
Women Voices [Warner] Drums
Whata' Wonderful One Hit Wonders Drums
What We're Made Of The Washboard Union Drums
Was I Ever 13 Jann Arden Drums, Percussion
Trailer Trashed Kelly Prescott Drums
Top Hits/Ballads & Love Songs 80's & 90's Drums
Top Hits/90's Only Number 1's Drums
Top 80s Songs: The Greatest Eighties Hits Drums
Top 100 80s Drums
To Make It Make Sense Ariana Gillis Drums, Percussion
Throwback Rock Drums
This Is from Here Harrison Kennedy / Colin Linden Drums, Percussion
The Most Essential Classic Rock Ever Drums
The Best Ever Road Trip Drums
Thanks for Tomorrow Harrison Kennedy Drums, Percussion
Take Me On: 80s, The Collection Drums
Summer Love [Rhino] Drums
Stranger Scarlett Jane Drums, Percussion
Steady On Jann Arden Drums, Percussion
Songs For The Car 2020 Drums
Soft Christmas Songs Drums
Smooth Rock: Yacht Rock, Easy Listening and Rock Ballads Drums
Silver Bell Linings Kelly Prescott Drums
See Us Through Michelle Willis Drums, Percussion
Scars and All Charissa Drums
Sad Rock Christmas Drums
Sad Pop Christmas Drums
Romantic Folk Christmas Drums
Rock Radio Air Play, Vol. 1 Drums
Rock Love Drums
Rock Classics: The Collection Drums
Rich in Love Colin Linden Drums, Group Member
Power Ballads: The Collection Drums
Playlist: Rock [Rhino] Drums
Playlist: 80s Pop [Rhino] Drums
Play Music & Dance Godboogie Drums, Percussion, Group Member, Composer
Paskong Canada 2022 Drums
One Thing Right Jim Cuddy Drums
O Glory Lost Those Blues Again Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums
O Glory Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Composer, Drums, Lyricist
Number 5 Lou DeAdder Drums, Percussion
No One to Turn to But Your Brother Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums
My Heart Still Remembers Cheryl Thibideau Drums, Percussion
Mum: The Collection Drums
Mohawk Lee Harvey Osmond Drums, Percussion
Maze Ariana Gillis Drums, Percussion
Love Songs and Romantic Ballads Drums
Love Songs [Rhino] Drums
Love Classics [2020] Drums
Love & Lust Jadea Kelly Drums, Percussion
Long Time Leaving Christa Couture Drums
Long Haul John Wort Hannam Drums, Percussion
Let It Snow Kelly Prescott Drums
King of This Town Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Composer, Drums, Lyricist, Percussion
Just Can't Get Enough: One Hit Wonders of the '80s Drums
Jigsaw Heart Eden Brent Drums
I Love the 80s [Rhino] Drums
I Love Power Ballads Drums
Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams Corin Raymond Cymbals, Drums, Percussion, Shaker, Tape Box
Happy Mother's Day Drums
Forty Light Years Lee Harvey Osmond Drums, Percussion
Feast of Panthers Ensign Broderick Musician
Easy Laidback 80s Drums
Country Christmas Eve Service Drums
Cold 100 Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Drums, Percussion
Classic Rock [Rhino] Drums
Car-aoke: The Collection Drums
Born to Rock: 60 Tracks of Classic Rock Drums
Born and Raised in the 80s Drums
Blue Country Soul Thomas Wade Drums
Best of 2021: Canadian Drums, Percussion
Best 80s Songs Drums
Ballads [Rhino] Drums
Angel in the Sidelines Suzie Vinnick Drums, Shaker
90s Rock Anthems [Rhino] [2020] [#2] Drums
90s Pop Rock Drums
90s Party Drums
80s Songs Drums
80s Rock Anthems Drums
80s Party: Ultimate Eighties Throwback Classics Drums
80s Dinner Party Drums
80s Classics: The Collection Drums
80's: The Collection Drums
1990s Throwback Drums
100 Greatest Throwback Songs Drums
100 Greatest Shower Songs Drums
100 Greatest Rock Anthems Drums
100 Greatest Rock Drums
100 Greatest One Hit Wonders Drums
100 Greatest Love Songs Drums
100 Greatest Guilty Pleasures (Cheesy Pop Hits) Drums
100 Greatest Classic Rock Songs Drums
100 Greatest Ballads [Rhino] Drums
100 Greatest 80s: Ultimate 80s Throwback Anthems Drums

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