Gabriel Jackson

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Composer Gabriel Jackson has become an important presence in the revitalized English choral scene in the 21st century, with an accessible yet utterly distinctive style that incorporates such diverse influences…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
I look from afar, matins responsory for Advent Sunday 05:09 Choral
October Monody for piano 1997 00:51 Keyboard
At the Last Day 06:21
Memorial Blues for piano 1995 04:16 Keyboard
Tomorrow ye go forth, Advent Vesper responsory 03:02 Choral
O nata lux 08:44 Miscellaneous (Classical)
O sacrum convivium, for chorus 1990 06:15 Choral
Jesu, Rex admirabilis, for chorus 06:07 Choral
Ane Sang of the Birth of Christ, for treble soloist, chorus & organ 2000 04:34 Choral
Aria for Joel and Vicki, for saxophone & organ 2015 08:18 Chamber Music
The Lord's Prayer 02:53 Choral
A ship with unfurled sails, for chorus 2009 06:50 Choral
Lux mortuorum, for chorus 1995 07:38 Choral
Thou Whose Birth, for chorus 03:51 Choral
To Morning ("O holy virgin!"), for chorus 2007 02:26 Choral
Vox clara ecce intonat, for chorus & saxophone 2013 04:44 Choral
I am the voice of the wind, for chorus 2010 06:58 Choral
Orbis patrator optime, for chorus 2006 06:53 Choral
Salus aeterna, for chorus 02:54 Choral
Salve Regina, for treble soloist & chorus (1st setting) 2000 05:13 Choral
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