In 1991, Aki Qureshi ("Propa-Gandhi") saw a need in his homeland of Great Britain for a music group devoted to publicizing the social injustice directed at members of its Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities, and the collective Fun-Da-Mental was born. Qureshi built a following by releasing singles on his own independent label, Nation Records, and integrating multimedia spectacles into the group's concerts. Dave "Impi-D" Watts joined the group in 1993, and together, the two formed the musical core of Fun-Da-Mental, writing most of the worldbeat-influenced music, integrating tapes of recorded speeches into the songs and taking their turns rapping. Their 1994 debut, Seize the Time, features eight lyricists and five rappers altogether; Erotic Terrorism followed in 1998.
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Seize the Time 1995 Seize the Time
Erotic Terrorism 1998 Erotic Terrorism
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