Fu Ling Wang


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Year Album Artist
2011 After 75 Years Macy Chen Composer
2008 Faith Fully Anita Mui Composer
2006 Pathe 100: The Series 20 Ye Xiang Gang Composer
2006 Pathe 100: The Series 28 Ming Ri Zhi Ge Tsin Ting Composer
2006 Shaw Movies Soundtrack Compilation: Timeless Favourites Composer
2005 Danny Chan 24K Mastersonic Compilation Danny Chan Composer
2005 Danny: The True Legend Danny Chan Composer
2005 Fei Yu Qing Greatest Hits Fei Yu-Ching / Yu Ching Fei Composer
2005 Love of Angel Tracy Huang Composer
2005 Mandarin Album Sally Yeh Composer
2005 My Lovely Warner Legend MD [#4] Sally Yeh Composer
2005 Pathe 100: The Series 14 Xiao Yun Que Gu Mei Composer
2005 Pathe 100: The Series 24 Dian Ying Ming Qu, Vol. 1 Composer
2005 Pathe 100: the Series 22 Shen Gui Meng Li Ren Ping Cui Composer
2005 Really Love You Danny Chan Danny Chan Composer
2005 Theme Song Collection Sally Yeh Composer
2005 True Love for the Whole Life Sally Yeh Composer
2002 A Tribute to Roman Tam Roman Tam Composer
2001 My Lovely Legend Danny Chan Composer
2001 Warner 23rd Anniversary: Greatest Hits Danny Chan Composer
1997 Devoted Aaron Kwok Composer
1994 Gold Song Collection Danny Chan Composer
1987 Life is a Show Tsai Ching Composer
2009 Wonderful Moment Collection Fei Yu-Ching Composer
Bu Liao Qing Gu Mei / Mei Koo Composer
Chen Fen Lan Qin Ai De Mu Qin Chen Fen Lan Composer
Dai Jia Nu Er Ting Jing Composer
Danny Chan Collection Danny Chan Composer
Danny Chan: La Vie En Rose Greatest Hits Danny Chan Composer
Danny Live In Concert '91 Danny Chan Composer
Dian Cang Jin Qu Zhi Huang Ying Ying Tracy Huang Composer
Greatest Hits of Tracy Huang Tracy Huang Composer
Huan Qiu Gao Ge Chen Bai Qiang Composer
Jia Jia You Ren Nan Nian de Jing Sow Keng Poon Composer
Jin Xiao Duo Zhen Zhong Cui Ping / Ping Tsui Composer
Jing Ting Dian Ying Ge Xuan Tsin Ting Composer
Let's Talk Danny Chan Composer
Nan Ping Wan Zhong Ping Tsui Composer
Pathe 100: The Series 19 Ming Xing Zhi Ge, Vol.2 Composer
Pathe 100: The Series 29 Bai Yun Yi Hua Fang Composer
Roman Tam Hui [LPCD1630 Series] Roman Tam Composer
The Best of Wang Chih Lei Wang Chih-Lei Composer
The Collection of Kao Sheng-Mei (8) Alicia Kao Composer
Tian Shi Zhi Lian Tracy Huang Composer
To Wait Devotedly Tsai Chin Composer
Tsai Chin 2010 Hai Shang Liang Xiao Xiang Gang Yan Chan Hui Chin Tsai Composer
Whoever You Are Tsai Ching Composer
Xin Sheng Xian Yun Ping Tsui Composer
Yu Ye de Jie Deng Ping Tsui Composer
Zai Yi Ge Di Qiu Shang Frankie Kao Composer
Zhong Xi Ming Qu Mona Fong Composer