Fredrik Pacius

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This Romantic composer was born in Germany but is considered Finnish in outlook and musical perspective. He was taught the violin by Spohr and composition by Hauptmann. Serving in the court orchestra…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Suomen laulu (The Song of Finland), for chorus 03:59 Choral
Kung Karls jakt, opera 1852 02:15:06 Opera
Maame (National Anthem, Finland) 1848 01:20 Vocal Music
Gespräche der Irrlichter, for men's chorus 1843 02:02 Choral
Turvaton, for 4 male voices 1835 00:58 Vocal Music
Till Jonas Perón, for male chorus 1843 00:38 Choral
Suomis Sång, for male chorus 1854 02:35 Choral
Laps' Suomen (Child of Finland), song 04:25 Vocal Music
Lied an die schöne Müllerin, for male chorus 1844 03:35 Choral
Prinsessan af Cypern, incidental music 1860 01:10:56 Orchestral
Folkvisa (Rannalla Itkijä), for 4 male voices 1848 01:18 Vocal Music
Kreivin Sylissä Istunut, for male chorus 1835 01:52 Choral
Finlands Flagga, for male chorus 1863 05:26 Choral
Vårsång (På Hoppets Dag), for male chorus 1844 00:46 Choral
À la Mélancolie, for male chorus 1837 02:51 Choral
Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm (National Anthem, Estonia, 1990-) 1848 00:53 Vocal Music
Wiegenlied ("Alles still in süßer Ruh"), for 4 male voices 1842 01:12 Vocal Music
Verinen Poika (Velisurmaaja), for male chorus 1835 01:50 Choral
Hymn till Finland, for male chorus 1852 01:24 Choral
Studentsång, for male chorus 1835 01:53 Choral
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