Frederick Delius (1862-1934) was one of the most distinctive and individualistic British composers of the early 20th century.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
In a Summer Garden, rhapsody for orchestra, RT vi/17 1909 14:21 Orchestral
Florida, suite for orchestra, RT vi/1 1887 37:12 Orchestral
A Song Before Sunrise, for small orchestra, RT vi/24 1918 06:02 Orchestral
Pieces (2) for small orchestra, RT vi/19 1912 10:34 Orchestral
Brigg Fair (An English Rhapsody), for orchestra, RT vi/16 1907 16:11 Orchestral
A Village Romeo & Juliet, lyric drama, RT i/6 1901 01:49:54 Opera
Songs (7) from the Norwegian, for voice & piano, RT v/9 1890 14:43 Vocal Music
Small Tone Poems (3), for orchestra, RT vi/7 1890 19:21 Orchestral
Irmelin, prelude for orchestra, RT vi/27 1931 05:13 Orchestral
A Song of Summer, for orchestra, RT vi/26 1930 10:45 Orchestral
To be sung of a summer night on the water, songs (2) for chorus, RT iv/5 1917 04:07 Choral
Sonata for violin & piano No. 3, RT viii/10 1930 16:41 Chamber Music
A Dance Rhapsody (No. 2), for orchestra, RT vi/22 1916 08:08 Orchestral
Hassan, incidental music, RT i/9 1920 33:29 Orchestral
Summer Night on the River, tone poem for orchestra (Pieces for small orchestra, No. 2), RT vi/19/2 1911 06:22 Orchestral
A Mass of Life (Eine Messe des Lebens), for soloists, chorus & orchestra, RT ii/4 1905 01:38:50 Choral
Aquarelles (2), for strings (arr. by Fenby from 2 songs "to be sung on a summer night") 1936 04:33 Orchestral
On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring, tone poem for orchestra (Pieces for small orchestra, No. 1), RT vi/19/1 1912 06:27 Orchestral
Fennimore and Gerda, opera, RT i/8 1910 54:22 Opera
Sonata for cello and piano, RT viii/7 1916 13:40 Chamber Music
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