Rzewski was a pianist/composer whose music embraced the polystylistic and polytechnique openness of the late 20th century.
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Les Moutons de Panurge, for any number of instruments 1968 11:13 Chamber Music
To the Earth, for percussion 09:13 Chamber Music
The People United Will Never Be Defeated (El pueblo unido jamás será vencido), 36 Variations on a Chilean Song, for piano 1975 57:12 Keyboard
The Road, a novel for solo piano 1996 02:05:36 Keyboard
Attica for narrator & instruments 24:25 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Coming Together for speaker, bass instruments & ensemble 1972 18:36 Miscellaneous (Classical) Avant-Garde Music
Mayn Yingele (My Little Son) 24 variations on a tune, for piano 1988 16:36 Keyboard
De Profundis, melodramatic oratorio for solo pianist playing & reciting 1992 29:35 Miscellaneous (Classical) Keyboard Vocal Music
Piano Piece No. 4 1977 08:08 Keyboard
The Housewife's Lament, variations on a theme, for harpsichord 1980 11:14 Keyboard
Now or Never, for saxophone, trombone & piano 1976 03:51 Chamber Music
Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues, for piano 1979 10:12 Keyboard
Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues (version for 2 pianos) 1980 10:27 Keyboard
A Life (dedicated to the memory of John Cage), for piano 1992 04:40 Keyboard
Sonata for solo piano 1991 41:16 Keyboard
Fantasia for piano 10:51 Keyboard
Fougues (25) for piano 1994 24:07 Keyboard
Wails, for percussion, keyboards & woodwinds 1984 12:21 Chamber Music
Spots, for percussion, keyboards & woodwinds 1986 05:44 Chamber Music
Ludes, for piano, Book 1, Nos.1-12 1990 16:00 Keyboard
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