Frederic Curzon

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b. Ernest Frederic Curzon, 4 September 1899, London, England, d. 6 December 1973, Bournemouth, England. Largely unknown, but highly talented composer, who has contributed several important works to the…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Punchinello Overture for orchestra 02:48 Orchestral
Dance of the Ostracised Imp, for orchestra 03:24 Orchestral
The Boulevardier, intermezzo for orchestra 03:41 Orchestral
Simonetta, serenade for orchestra 1933 03:56 Orchestral
Bravada, a paso doble for orchestra 1938 03:46 Orchestral
Cascade, waltz for orchestra 04:47 Orchestral
Capricante, caprice for orchestra 03:52 Orchestral
Pasquinade, for orchestra 1943 03:17 Orchestral
La Peineta, for orchestra 05:30 Orchestral
Saltarello, for piano & orchestra 1951 03:49 Concerto
In Malaga, suite for orchestra 09:21 Orchestral
Spanish Suite (In Malaga) for orchestra: No. 1, Spanish Ladies 02:19 Orchestral
Robin Hood, suite for orchestra 12:30 Orchestral
Galavant, for orchestra 03:49 Orchestral
Spanish Suite (In Malaga) for orchestra: No. 2, Serenade to Eulalie 03:39 Orchestral
Royal Regiment 01:34 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Spanish Suite (In Malaga) for orchestra: No. 3, Cachucha 03:07 Orchestral
Mischief, for pops orchestra 02:23 Orchestral
Fanfare No. 6 for 3 trumpets & 3 trombones ("Westminster") 1938 00:42 Chamber Music
Rendezvous with Curzon, for pops orchestra 08:21 Orchestral
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