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Year Album Artist
2009 Sounds of the Earth: Forest Stream Sounds Of The Earth Remastering
2009 Mantras & Rituals Sarva-Antah Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Mastering, Shruti Box, Tibetan Bowls
2008 Sounds of the Earth: Calm Ocean Sounds Of The Earth Mastering
2008 Soothing Touch Mastering
2008 Songs of Light Buvana Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2008 Relaxation Music Mastering
2008 Go with the Flow Guna Sangah Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Mastering, Tibetan Bowls
2008 Celtic Mantras Sarva-Antah Producer, Engineer, Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Keyboards
2008 Body & Mind Music Mastering
2007 Sounds of the Earth: Shoreline Mastering
2007 Sounds of the Earth: Seasons Sounds Of The Earth Mastering
2007 Sounds of Earth: Spring Showers Sounds Of The Earth Mastering
2007 Oreade Music: Mantra Music Mastering
2006 Om Shanti Om Sarva-Antah Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Keyboards
2006 Mantras for the Young at Heart Sarva-Antah Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Keyboards
2006 Balance & Beauty: Tranquil Music for Wellness & Spa Mastering
2005 Blessed Be: A Wiccan Ceremony Leahmoin Producer, Engineer, Member of Attributed Artist, Keyboards, Gong
2004 Reiki: The Healing Flow Guna Sangah Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Bells
2002 The River Inside Sarva-Antah Engineer, Mixing, Liner Notes, Vocals, Guitar (Acoustic), Wind Chimes, Choir/Chorus, Composer
2002 Mantras, Vol. 4: Inner Peace Henry Marshall Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Guitar (Acoustic)
2002 Dos Lidele Fun Vilder Katsche: A Klezmer Celebration Vilde Katshke Engineer, Mixing
2002 Chakra Balancing Guna Sangah Engineer, Arranger, Mixing
2001 Yoga for Inner Peace Rickie Moore Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Tibetan Bowls
2001 Late at Night/Different Worlds/Colour My Rainbow Maywood Photography
2001 Klezmerband Live Ot Azoj Klezmerband Photography
2000 The Spirit of Reiki Guna Sangah Producer, Engineer
2000 Om Tara: Mantras from Tibet Sarva-Antah Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Guitar
2000 Mantras from Tibet: Vijaya Devi Sarva-Antah Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Director, Mixing, Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Tibetan Horn, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Bowls, Claves, Tibetan Bowls
2000 Mantra Music Henry Marshall Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Acoustic), Synthesizer
1999 Sounds of Earth: Wind Chimes, Vol. 1 Sounds Of The Earth Photography
1999 Mantras, Vol. 3: A Little Bit of Heaven Henry Marshall / Henry Marshall & The Playshop Family Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Acoustic), Choir/Chorus
1999 Heart of Klezmer Ot Azoj Klezmerband Engineer, Photography, Tray Photo
1998 Heart Chakra Meditation [Nightingale 1998] Karunesh Photography
1997 Mike Rowland: The Fairy Ring Suite Mike Rowland Session Photographer
1996 Heart Chakra Meditation [Oreade] Karunesh Photography
1995 Mantras, Vol. 2 Henry Marshall Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Choir/Chorus, Design
1992 Heart Chakra Meditation [Nightingale 1992 #1] Karunesh Photography
Medicine Buddha Mantra: Mantras From Tibet Sarva-Antah Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Tibetan Bowls