Franz Lachner

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Franz Lachner was an important conductor and well-known composer of the early half of the Romantic era. His music is well-crafted and enjoyable, though not highly original or important in the history…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sängerfahrt (Bard's Journey), Op. 33
Herbst for voice, cello or horn & piano, Op. 30/1 Vocal Music
Deutsche Gesänge (6), for voice & piano, op. 49 Vocal Music
Seit Ich Ihn Gesehen, for voice, clarinet & piano, Op. 82 Vocal Music
Auf Flügeln Gesanges for voice, clarinet & piano Vocal Music
Introduction & Fugue, for organ, 4 hands, Op. 62 Keyboard
Sängerfahrt (Bard's Journey), Op. 96 Vocal Music
Frauenliebe und Leben for voice, horn & piano Vocal Music
Sonata for organ in F minor, Op. 175 Keyboard
Das Waldvöglein, for voice, horn & piano Miscellaneous (Classical) Vocal Music
Elegie Chamber Music
Fragen for voice, horn & piano Vocal Music
Nonet for brass 1875 Chamber Music
Octet for flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, 2 horns & 2 bassoons in B flat, Op 156 Chamber Music
Nonet for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello & double bass Chamber Music
Der Sänger am Rhein, for voice & piano Vocal Music
Sonata for organ, in C major, Op. 176 1877 Keyboard
Septet for flute, clarinet, horn, violin, viola, cello & double-bass in E flat Chamber Music
Einsiedlers Grab, song for voice & piano Vocal Music
König Oedipus, Bühnenmusik zur Tragödie des Sophokles Vocal Music
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