Franz Lehár

Biography by Rita Laurance

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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Die lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow), operetta 1905 01:15:06 Opera
Paganini, operetta in 3 acts 1924 20:19 Opera
Das Land des Lächelns (The Land of Smiles), operetta in 3 acts (revision of "Die gelbe Jacke") 01:20:05 Opera
Der Zarewitsch, operetta in 3 acts 01:20:06 Opera
Gold und Silber-Walzer (Gold and Silver Waltz), for orchestra, Op. 79, NV 87 1902 07:32 Orchestral
Der Graf von Luxemburg, operetta in 3 acts 01:25:25 Opera
Giuditta, opera in 5 acts 1933 01:39:42 Opera
Schön ist die Welt, operetta in 3 acts (revision of "Endlich Allein") 10:20 Opera
Da geh' ich zu Maxim, for voice & piano (or orchestra) (from "Die lustige Witwe") 02:27 Vocal Music Opera
The Merry Widow Waltz, for orchestra (from "Die lustige Witwe") 04:07 Orchestral
Korallenlippen-Polka Mazurka (Coral Lips), for orchestra, Op. 7, NV 120 03:46 Orchestral
Gern hab' ich die Frau'n geküßt (Girls Were Made to Love and Kiss) (from "Paganini") 03:28 Vocal Music
O Mädchen, mein Mädchen, for voice & piano (or orchestra) (from "Friederike") 03:13 Vocal Music
Komm zu mir zum Tee!, for voice & piano, V. 73 03:47 Vocal Music
Vorüber, for voice & piano, V 135 03:13 Vocal Music
Die Näherin, for voice & piano, V. 98 03:49 Vocal Music
Ich hab' ein Huglein, for voice & piano (from song collection "Aus eiserner Zeir"), V. 12 02:25 Vocal Music
Dir sing ich mein Leid, waltz for voice & piano, V. 38 02:48 Vocal Music
Nimm mich mit, o Herbst, for voice & piano, V. 100 03:42 Vocal Music
Ich War Sein Mädel, for voice & piano (from song collection "Die Liebe zog vorüber"), V. 84 02:53 Vocal Music
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