Frank Martin

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A Swiss composer whose compositional style can be described as shifting tonality: the chords are regular, but the center is always moving.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Petite symphonie concertante, for harp, harpsichord, piano & 2 string orchestras 1944 Orchestral Concerto
Mass, for double chorus 1922 Choral
Short Pieces (4) for guitar 1933 Chamber Music
Ballade for flute, with small orchestra (orchestration by E. Ansermet of "Ballade for Flute") 1939 Concerto
Preludes (8) for piano 1947 Keyboard
Ballade for saxophone, for alto sax, strings, piano & percussion 1938 Concerto
Concerto for 7 wind instruments (timpani, percussion & string orchestra) 1949 Concerto
Monologes (6) from Jedermann, for alto (or baritone) & piano (or orchestra) 1943 Vocal Music
Golgotha, oratorio for 5 soloists, chorus, organ & orchestra 1945 Choral
Ballade for flute & piano 1939 Chamber Music
Ariel Songs (5), for chorus 1950 Choral
Trio on Popular Irish Folk Tunes, for piano, violin & cello 1925 Chamber Music
Violin Concerto 1950 Concerto
Polyptyque: 6 images de la Passion du Christ, for violin & 2 string orchestras 1973 Concerto
Chants de Noël (3), for soprano, flute & piano 1947 Vocal Music
Études (5) for string orchestra 1955 Orchestral
Ballade for trombone or tenor sax & piano 1940 Chamber Music
Cello Concerto 1965 Concerto
Maria-Triptychon, for soprano, violin & orchestra 1967 Vocal Music
Passacaille, version for organ 1944 Keyboard
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