Franco Alfano

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The name of Italian composer Franco Alfano is best known from his having put in order Giacomo Puccini's unfinished opera Turandot. Within his native Italy, Alfano is likewise revered for his opera Risurrezione…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Risurrezione, opera 1904 Opera
Cyrano de Bergerac, opera 1926 Opera
Poemi di Tagore (3), for voice & piano 1918 Vocal Music
Don Juan de Manara, opera Opera
Sì, lo so, for voice & piano (from "Cinque nuove Liriche tagoriane") 1948 Vocal Music
Nostalgie for piano Keyboard
Sonata for violin & piano in D major 1923 Chamber Music
Pax, for organ Keyboard
Nuovi poemi, for voice & piano 1939 Vocal Music
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Pieces (4) for piano, Op. 3/4, Causerie Keyboard
Non partire, amore mio, for voice & piano (from 6 Songs) 1919 Vocal Music
Symphony No. 2 1931 Symphony
Nuove Liriche tagoriane, for voice & piano 1936 Vocal Music
Si addensano le nubi, for voice & piano (from Sette Liriche) 1947 Vocal Music
Antica ninna-nanna partenopea, for voice & orchestra Vocal Music
Pieces (4) for piano, Op. 3/2, Romanzetta Keyboard
Il giorno non è piu, for voice & piano (from Due Liriche) 1948 Vocal Music
Nenia & Scherzino, for violin & piano 1936 Chamber Music
Perché siedi là?, for voice & piano (from "Nuove Liriche tagoriane") 1936 Vocal Music
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