Francis Johnson

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His accomplishments slowly being rediscovered today, Frank Johnson was a famous bandleader and composer of over 300 published works, who established a career remarkable both for an African-American during…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Dirge for band 01:55 Band Music
The Grave of the Slave, for voices & piano 1831 03:29 Choral
Victoria Gallop for band 01:37 Band Music
General Lafayette's Trumpet March & Quickstep for band 02:10 Band Music
Philadelphia Gray's Quickstep for band 01:43 Band Music
Johnson's March 1817 03:20 Band Music
The American Boy, for voices & piano 1826 03:00 Choral
The Princeton Grand March 1840 03:14 Band Music
Bingham's Cotillion for violin & band 01:48 Concerto
Recollections of Buffalo, for band 01:28 Band Music
Princeton Gallopade for band 01:14 Band Music
Miss Lucy Long for violin & band 00:50 Concerto
Colonel G. W. Riter's Parade March and Quickstep for band 02:43 Band Music
General Lafayette's Grand March for band ("Honour to the Brave") 03:57 Band Music
Boone Infantry, quickstep for brass band 02:16 Band Music
Philadelphia Firemen's Cotillion for band 00:54 Band Music
New Cotillions for band 05:44 Band Music
Butchers and Drovers Grand March for band 02:59 Band Music
The New Bird Waltz, for band 01:38 Band Music
St Louis Fire Company's Anniversary Parade March for band 02:25 Band Music
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