Foster Reed


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Year Album Artist
2008 Kyle Gann: Private Dances Sarah Cahill / Da Capo Chamber Players / Bernard Gann Producer
2006 Ge Gan-Ru: Lost Style Executive Producer, Photography
2006 Ingram Marshall: Savage Altars Sarah Cahill / Tudor Choir Producer
2006 Stephen Scott: The Deep Spaces Bowed Piano Ensemble Executive Producer
2003 Lou Harrison: Drums Along the Pacific Producer
2003 Lou Harrison: Serenado David Tanenbaum Photography, Executive Producer
2003 Tonino Tesei: Prelude ostinati Fausto Bongelli Executive Producer
2002 Lou Harrison: Complete Harpsichord Works; Music for Tack Piano & Fortepiano in Historic and Experimental Tunings Lou Harrison Executive Producer
2001 Cornelius Cardew: We Sing for the Future! Frederic Rzewski Executive Producer
2001 Stefano Scodanibbio: Six Duos Irvine Arditti / Rohan de Saram / Dov Scheindlin / Stefano Scodanibbio Executive Producer
2000 Frasconi: Song + Distance Miguel Frasconi Executive Producer
2000 Rhymes with Silver: Music by Lou Harrison Lou Harrison Executive Producer
1999 Ladino Love Songs: Bride Unfastens Her Braids, the Groom Faints Etty Ben-Zaken Executive Producer
1999 New Music: Piano Compositions by Henry Cowell Producer
1999 Terry Riley: The Book of Abbeyozzud David Tanenbaum Executive Producer, Producer
1998 Satoh: Mandara Trilogy Somei Satoh Producer
1998 Scodanibbio: Voyage That Never Ends Stefano Scodanibbio Executive Producer
1997 David Tanenbaum David Tanenbaum Executive Producer, Producer
1997 Lou Harrison: Rapunzel an Opera in Six Acts Nicole Paiement / William Winant Executive Producer
1997 Luciano Berio: The Complete Works for Solo Piano David Arden Executive Producer
1997 Ravel: Miroirs; Gaspard de la Nuit Sarah Cahill Executive Producer
1997 Sasha Matson: Range of Light; The Fifth Lake Just Strings / Catherine Robbin Executive Producer
1997 The Music of Chen Yi JoAnn Falletta / Women's Philharmonic Executive Producer
1996 Frank Martin: Etudes for String Orchestra; Concerto for Violin and Orchestra; Maria Triptychon Stuart Canin Producer
1996 Only: Works for Voice and Instruments by Morton Feldman Joan La Barbara / Morton Feldman Executive Producer
1996 Peter Scott Lewis: Where the Heart Is Pure Producer, Executive Producer
1996 Vikings of the Sunrise: Fantasy on the Polynesian Star Path Navigators Stephen Scott Executive Producer
1996 Written with the Heart's Blood New Century Chamber Orchestra Producer
1995 Annum per Annum Christoph Maria Moosmann Executive Producer
1995 Incitation to Desire: Tangos for Yvar Mikhashoff Yvar Mikhashoff Executive Producer
1995 Oiseau Bleu Darynn Zimmer Executive Producer
1995 Packet Steve Lacy Producer
1995 Riley: In C (25th Anniversary Concert) Terry Riley Executive Producer
1995 Whelden: Like a Passing River, music to and text from Rudy Rucker Executive Producer
1994 Acoustic Counterpoint David Tanenbaum Producer, Executive Producer
1994 Ars Magis Subtiliter: Secular Music of the Chantilly Codex Ars Magis Subtiliter Executive Producer
1994 Astor Piazzolla: El Porteño David Tanenbaum Producer
1994 Daughters of the Lonesome Isle Producer
1994 Dresher: Dark Blue Circumstance Paul Dresher Executive Producer
1994 Food for Other Fish Mermen Executive Producer
1994 Frederic Rzewski: The People United Will Never Be Defeated Stephen Drury Executive Producer
1994 From Ancient Worlds: For Harmonic Piano Michael Harrison Executive Producer
1994 Paul Lansky: Smalltalk Paul Lansky Executive Producer
1994 Remede de Fortune Ensemble P.A.N. [Project Ars Nova] Producer
1994 Set of Five David Abel Producer
1994 She Is a Phantom Harold Budd Producer
1994 Terry Riley: Chanting the Light of Foresight Rova Saxophone Quartet Executive Producer
1994 The California Ear Unit California EAR Unit Executive Producer
1993 Galax: Music for Viola da Gamba Roy Whelden Executive Producer
1993 John Luther Adams: The Far Country JoAnn Falletta Executive Producer
1993 Las Puertas de la Mañana: Canciones de Argentina de Carlos Guastavino Luis Espaillat Executive Producer
1993 Lou Harrison: The Perilous Chapel San Francisco Contemporary Music Players Executive Producer, Producer
1993 Mantra Somei Satoh Producer, Executive Producer
1993 Memorias Tropicales Cuarteto Latinoamericano Producer
1993 Peter Scott Lewis: Beaming Contrasts Executive Producer, Producer
1993 Silvestre Revueltas: The String Quartets Cuarteto Latinoamericano Executive Producer
1993 Somei Satoh: Toward the Night Executive Producer
1993 True to the Times (How to Be?) David Hykes Executive Producer
1992 Composition No. 165 (For 18 Instruments) Anthony Braxton Executive Producer
1992 Dodge: Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental Charles Dodge Producer, Executive Producer
1992 Garland: Walk In Beauty Peter Garland Producer
1992 Giteck: Home (Revisited) Janice Giteck Producer
1992 Homage to Johannes Ciconia Ensemble P.A.N. [Project Ars Nova] Executive Producer
1992 Mom's Carl Stone Executive Producer
1992 Mowitz: A la Memoire d'un Ami Ira J. Mowitz Executive Producer
1991 Alcatraz Ingram Marshall Producer
1991 Early and as Remembered: Virgil Thomson Yvar Mikhashoff Executive Producer
1991 John Cage: The Perilous Night; Four Walls Joan La Barbara / Margaret Leng Tan Producer
1991 Morton Feldman: Rothko Chapel; Why Patterns? Executive Producer, Producer
1991 The Doctrine of Cycles Arawi Producer, Executive Producer
1991 The Island of St. Hylarion: Music of Cyprus, 1413-1422 Ensemble P.A.N. [Project Ars Nova] Executive Producer
1991 The Ready Made Boomerang Deep Listening Band Executive Producer
1990 Austral Voices Executive Producer
1990 Marshall: Fog Tropes/Gradual Requiem/Gambuh I Ingram Marshall Mandolin
1990 Olivier Messiaen: Visions de l'Amen Double Edge Producer, Executive Producer
1990 Singing Through: Vocal Compositions by John Cage Joan La Barbara Executive Producer, Producer
1990 Stephen Scott: Minerva's Web; The Tears of Niobe Stephen Scott Producer, Executive Producer
1990 Stockhausen: Mantra Rosalind Bevan / Yvar Mikhashoff / Ole Orsted Executive Producer
1989 Deep Listening Pauline Oliveros Executive Producer
1989 Electric Rags II Rova Saxophone Quartet Producer
1989 Morton Feldman: Three Voices for Joan La Barbara Joan La Barbara Executive Producer
1989 This Time We Are Both Rova Executive Producer
1989 Upon a Time an Album of Duets John Abercrombie Executive Producer
1989 Windhorse Riders David Hykes Executive Producer
1988 Anthony Braxton: 19 Solo Compositions Anthony Braxton Producer, Executive Producer
1988 Harrison: La Koro Sutro Lou Harrison Producer, Executive Producer
1988 Litania Margaret Leng Tan Executive Producer
1988 Mantra/Stabat Mater Somei Satoh Producer
1988 No Secrets Quartett Producer
1987 In the Great Abbey of Clement VI Stuart Dempster Executive Producer
1987 Nordisk Sang Executive Producer
1986 Key to Songs (1985)/The Return (1985-86) Morton Subotnick Executive Producer
1986 Morton Subotnick: The Key to Songs / Return Executive Producer
1986 Portraits [New Albion] Executive Producer
1985 Daniel Lentz: Missa Umbrarum Daniel Lentz Executive Producer
1985 Richard Teitelbaum: Blends Richard Teitelbaum Executive Producer
Ingram Marshall: Evensongs Dunsmuir Piano Quartet / Maia Quartet Executive Producer
Robert Kyr: The Passion according to Four Evangelists Beverly Taylor Executive Producer
Unseen Rain: Music by Robert Kyr Ensemble P.A.N. [Project Ars Nova] Executive Producer