Founded and led by the expressive vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Beth Cameron, the Nashville-based Forget Cassettes specialize in alternative rock/indie rock that is angst-ridden and emotionally intense yet highly melodic. Despite having a Nashville address, Forget Cassettes have nothing whatsoever to do with country music, Americana, or roots rock; their material is alternative rock all the way, drawing on direct or indirect influences that have ranged from PJ Harvey to Tori Amos to Sleater-Kinney, Nirvana, and Hole. Forget Cassettes thrives on contrasts; a Cameron performance can be reflective (in a dark, brooding way) one minute and turn into a passionate, aggressive, cathartic outburst the next. Forget Cassettes was formed in May 2002, when Cameron joined forces with drummer Doni Schroeder (who also plays keyboards). Forget Cassettes ...
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