The perfect representation of the baggy movement's pills 'n' thrills hedonism, within a few years Flowered Up went from working-class kids to one of Britain's most hyped groups to drug-induced flameout. Seen as London's answer to Madchester groups like the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, Flowered Up formed in 1989 in a Camden housing estate and featured vocalist Liam Maher, keyboardist Tim Dorney, guitarist Joe Maher, bassist Andy Jackson, drummer John Tovey, and Barry Mooncult, who wasn't officially a member of the band but danced on-stage with a giant flower around his neck. From their first gig at the end of 1989, the group's unpredictable but enthusiastic live shows -- as well as their enthusiastic embrace of baggy's Ecstasy-fueled culture -- earned Flowered Up an equal amount of fans, detractors, and hype. Indeed, the band appeared ...
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