When Flowchart debuted with 1995's Multi-Personality Tabletop Vacation (Carrot Top), the Philadelphia group was equally derided/lauded for its striking similarities to space pop veterans Stereolab and Neu!. Many accused the band of blatant thievery, but there was also a grudging admiration for its detailed and entertaining facsimile. Luckily, Flowchart mastermind Sean O'Neal muted and expanded on his influences after Tabletop, a move which largely evened out the polarized reaction to his work. 1996's Tenjiru EP was a lengthy exploration of clicks and buzzes, while a few other releases (including the memorable Burnt Hair release Hallow Sky) explored four-track drones. For 1997's Cumulus Mood Twang, main O'Neal collaborator Brodie Budd was sacked in favor of Erin Anderson, and the stylistic palette was widened to include references to ...
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