Fleur de Son


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Year Album Artist
2017 Mozart: Sonatas and Variations for Piano and Violin, Vol. 2 Jacques Israelievitch / Christina Petrowska Quilico Record Label
2015 Schubert: Music from His Last Year Victor Rosenbaum Record Label
2015 String Orchestra Gems by Suk and Tchaikovsky Dvorák Chamber Orchestra / Kypros Markou Record Label
2014 Absinthe: Café Music Gaspar Hoyos / David Violi Record Label
2014 Beethoven: Diabelli Variations Gabriel Chodos Record Label
2014 Chinese Piano Music Joel Schoenhals Record Label
2014 Gabriel Fauré: The Complete Nocturnes Richard Shuster Record Label
2014 Michael Colina: Requinauts - Return to Spirit Annie Gill / Ira Levin / Nicholas Mulroy Record Label
2014 Schubert and Schumann: Fantasies Joel Schoenhals Record Label
2013 Anima del Sur: Milongas & Tangos for Two Guitars Castellani-Andriaccio Duo Record Label
2013 Bach's Teacher Böhm & Improvisation Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra Record Label
2013 Bicentennial Tribute: Works by Chopin and Schumann Rebecca Penneys Record Label
2013 Bright Angel: American Works for Clarinet and Piano Kimberly Cole Luevano Record Label
2013 David Ward-Steinman: Western Orpheus Record Label
2013 Mozart, Bryden: Duos Duo Renard / Mark Miller / Uté Miller Record Label
2012 French Violin Sonatas Jacques Israelievitch / Kanae Matsumoto Record Label
2012 Images John Milbauer Record Label
2012 Michael Colina: Baba Yaga; Isles of Shoals Anastasia Khitruk / Ira Levin / London Symphony Orchestra / Ransom Wilson Record Label
2012 NY Counterpoint Lucia Kye / Tony Park Record Label
2012 Short Stories Kimberly Russ / Melia Watras Record Label
2012 Spillville & Gilead: Chamber Music by Harvey Sollberger Red Cedar Chamber Music Record Label
2011 Musical Moments: Schubert & Rachmaninov Joel Schoenhals Record Label
2011 Rosenbaum Plays Mozart Victor Rosenbaum Record Label
2011 Schubert: The Last Three Sonatas Gabriel Chodos Record Label
2009 Cycles Suite Chris Jentsch Record Label
2009 Prestidigitation Melia Watras Record Label
2007 Brooklyn Suite Jentsch Group Large Record Label
2007 Deve Ser Amor: Michael Andriaccio Plays Bossa Nova Michael Andriaccio Record Label
2007 Nos-Tal-Gia: Music from Brazil, Venezuela & Argentina Carl Dimow / Nathan Kolosko Record Label
2007 Schubert: Sonatas Victor Rosenbaum Record Label
2006 Chitarra Giocosa Marcin Dylla Record Label
2006 Crosswinds: Classical & Jazz Leanne Rees Record Label
2006 Hammer & Bow Israelievitch Duo Record Label
2006 Igor Stravinsky: Petrouchka and the Rite of Spring for Two Pianos Michael Boyd / Joel Schoenhals Record Label
2005 Caroline Hong Plays Corigliano, Foss & Vine Caroline Hong Record Label
2005 Franz Liszt: Lieder of Franz Schubert Joel Schoenhals Record Label
2005 From Rags to Riches Laurence Trott Record Label
2005 Rebecca Penneys & Steinway Rebecca Penneys Record Label
2005 Schubert & Brahms Gabriel Chodos Record Label
2004 Béla Bartok: For Children Joel Schoenhals Record Label
2004 Castellani, & Andriaccio: The Early Recordings Joanne Castellani Record Label
2004 Robert Sierra: Glosas; Ravel: Piano Concerto in G major; Saint-Saëns: Piano Concerto No. 2 José Ramos Santana Record Label
2004 Three Guys Named Mo The Red Cedar Trio Record Label
2004 Viola Solo Melia Watras Record Label
2003 Gabriel Chodos, Piano Gabriel Chodos Record Label
2003 Red Cedar Collection: American Music for Flute and Guitar Jan Boland Record Label
2002 Come Where the Aspens Quiver... Bring Your Guitar Stucky-Henderson Duo Record Label
2002 New Arts Trio in Recital at Chautauqua New Arts Trio Record Label
2002 Recital Gems from Chautauqua Rebecca Penneys Record Label
2001 Cancionero: Chamber Music of Roberto Sierra Record Label
2001 Concerti for 2 Guitars & Strings Castellani-Andriaccio Duo Record Label
2001 For the Birds Laurence Trott Record Label
2001 Mozart: Sturm und Drang Kristian Bezuidenhout Record Label
2000 Paganini: 24 caprices Bonita Boyd Record Label
2000 Piano Music of the Unknown Impressionists David Reeves Record Label
2000 Piccolodeon Laurence Trott Record Label
2000 Suite Fantaisie Jacques Israelievitch Record Label
2000 The Black Art Song Kevin Maynor Record Label
2000 Vintage Viennese Record Label
2000 Ward-Steinman: Three Concertos Record Label
1999 American Souvenirs: Piano Music for 4 Hands Record Label
1999 Beethoven: Piano Trios, Opp. 36 & 38 New Arts Trio Record Label
1999 Crystal to Gold Record Label
1998 Arensky Trios New Arts Trio Record Label
1998 Matiegka: Czech Chamber Music Record Label
1998 Paul Robeson Remembered Kevin Maynor Record Label
1997 Haydn: Grand Duos for Two Guitars Castellani-Andriaccio Duo Record Label
1997 Jacques Israelievitch: Suite Enfantine Jacques Israelievitch Record Label
1997 Schubert: Overtures Arie Lipsky Record Label
1994 Under the Palms Castellani-Andriaccio Duo Record Label
1992 1685: A Glorious Trilogy Castellani-Andriaccio Duo Record Label
1986 Danzas and More for Two Guitars Michael Andriacco / Joanne Castellani Record Label
1685: A Glorious Trilogy Castellani-Andriaccio Duo Record Label
A Personal and Musical Portrait: Works by Brahms, Debussy and De Falla [Video] Rebecca Penneys Record Label
All Brahms: Ballades Op. 10; Fantasies Op. 116 Record Label
American Idyll: American Songs from 1800-1860 Record Label
An Eastman Recital Rebecca Penneys Record Label
Awakening Daisy Jopling Record Label
Concierto Caribe for Flute & Orchestra Record Label
Cordero: Insula; C Tropical Guillermo Figueroa Record Label
Czech-Inspired: 21st Century Chamber Trios The Red Cedar Trio Record Label
Fractured Pop Jentsch Group Quartet Record Label
Froberger on the 1658 de Zentis Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra Record Label
From the Mountain Top Daniel Kuehn / David Kuehn Record Label
Gaspard Kummer: Chamber Music for Flute, Guitar and Strings Red Cedar Chamber Music Record Label
La Rosa: A Passion for Guitar Record Label
Music of the Dance Rebecca Penneys Record Label
Musical Landscapes for Trumpet David Kuehn Record Label
New Arts Trio at Chautauqua: 30th Anniversary Recital New Arts Trio Record Label
Odeon: Brazilian Dances Antoine Zemor Record Label
Prisms and Reflect: Chamber Music of David Ward-Steinman Record Label
Red Marco Sartor Record Label
Romance & Rhapsody of Max Bruch: Violin Cto 2 Record Label
String Quartets/Italian Serenade Record Label
Suite Francaise/Sonatine/Les Printemps Record Label
Three Cabinets Of Wonder: Music of Michael Colina Ira Levin / London Symphony Orchestra Record Label
Walt Sopicki Trios: B3x3 Joey DeFrancesco / Bobby Jones / Bobby Jones / Vito Rezza / Doug Riley / Walt Sopicki Record Label
Women Composers and the Men in Their Lives Leanne Rees Record Label