Flavio "Muscle" Romaniello


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Year Album Artist
2011 Café Solaire, Vol. 19: Soul Emotions For Cool Funky People Producer, Arranger, Selection, Composer
2011 Hed Kandi: Beach House [2011] Composer
2011 Music in Style, Vol. 2 Producer
2009 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 15 Producer, Arranger, Compilation Producer, Selection
2009 Café Solaire 16: Soul Emotions For Cool Funky People Producer, Arranger, Selection
2009 G Lounge Milano, Vol. 6 Producer, Arranger
2008 Addicted to House, Vol. 7 Producer, Live Mixing
2008 Armed Response Harley & Muscle Composer
2008 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 14 Composer
2008 Catwalk Glamour Producer
2008 Catwalk Glamour: Onstage Backstage Producer
2008 Clubstar Session: 10th Anniversary Composer
2008 Deep House, Vol. 5 Harley & Muscle Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Selection, Composer
2008 In Bed with Space - Chill House Edition, Pt. 11: Mixed by Bruno from Ibiza Bruno from Ibiza Composer
2008 Luxury House for Floating Pleasures in Venice Producer, Composer
2008 Monte Carlo Nights: New Classics Producer
2008 Moodswing Enigmatic Producer
2008 Raisani: 5 Golden Years Producer, Arranger, Composer
2008 Seasons Recordings Presents: House Session, Vol. 2 Compilation Producer
2008 Unlimited, Vol. 6 Kay Rush Producer, Arranger, Remixing, Creation
2007 Beachland 2007 Composer
2007 Club Miami, Vol. 1 Composer
2007 Deep House, Vol. 1 Harley & Muscle Producer, Compilation Producer, Selection, Live Mixing
2007 Deep House, Vol. 3 Harley & Muscle Composer
2007 G Lounge Milano, Vol. 4 Composer
2007 Hotel Dubai Composer
2007 In the Mix 2007: Mixed by DJ Pippi and Jamie Lewis DJ Pippi Composer
2007 Lounge Supreme, Vol. 1 Composer
2006 Afterdark: Milan Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Re-Arranged, Composer
2006 Amazing Place Karu Producer
2006 Ambient Lounge, Vol. 9 Executive Producer
2006 Bargrooves: Magenta Executive Producer
2006 Cafe Copacabana [C&B] Producer
2006 Cafe Copacabana, Vol. 4 Producer
2006 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 10 Producer, Arranger, Selection, Composer
2006 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 9: Ethno Moods and Deep Cool Producer, Arranger, Liner Notes, Executive Producer, Selection
2006 Cigar Lounge, Vol. 4 Producer
2006 Club and Lounge, Vol. 1: Mixed by John Dahlback Producer, Executive Producer
2006 Decade of Truth [2 CD] Harley & Muscle Producer, Composer
2006 G Lounge Milano, Vol. 3 Producer, Executive Producer
2006 Globalizing Dolls Combers Producer
2006 Harley & Muscle Play Deep House: Third Chapter Producer, Compilation Producer, Live Mixing
2006 Hotel St. Tropez: La Suite Producer
2006 Jon Cutler in the Mix Jon Cutler Producer, Composer
2006 Karavan: Global Grooves & Spiritual House Compiled and Mixed by Pierre Ravan Pierre Ravan Producer
2005 Addicted to House, Vol. 4 Mixing
2005 Ambient Lounge, Vol. 4 Composer
2005 Ambient Lounge, Vol. 8 Producer
2005 Back in the Days Defloristics Producer
2005 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 8 Producer, Arranger, Executive Producer, Selection
2005 Deep Season: Autumn 01 Mixing
2005 Play Deep House: Second Chapter Harley & Muscle Producer, Mixing, Executive Producer
2005 Savannah Ibiza Beach Club, Vol. 3 Producer, Arranger, Creation, Selection, Executive Producer, Remixing
2005 Shanghai Lounge: The Finest Lounge Music Producer
2004 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 7 Producer, Remixing, Executive Producer, Re-Arranged
2004 Dream On Luv City Producer, Re-Arranged
2004 Harley & Muscle Play Deep House: First Chapter Composer
2004 Hi Jazz, Vol. 2: A Fine Selection of Nu Jazz Composer
2004 Keepin' On PC Synergy Executive Producer
2004 Respected Everywhere Harley & Muscle Producer, Composer
2004 Savannah: Ibiza Beach Club, Vol. 2 Producer, Arranger, Creation, Composer
2003 Addicted 2 House, Vol. 2 Composer
2003 Addicted to House, Vol. 1 Harley & Muscle Composer
2003 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 2 Composer
2003 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 4 Composer
2003 Hi Jazz, Vol. 1: A Fine Collection of Nu Jazz Themes Composer
2003 Lounge Supreme, Vol. 2 Composer
2003 Lounge Supreme, Vol. 3 Producer, Executive Producer, Composer
2003 Savannah: Beach Club, Vol. 1 Composer
2003 Soulshine's Soulful Session, Vol. 2 Louis Benedetti Composer
2002 Cafe Solaire: Ethno Moods & Deep Cool, Vol. 1 Producer, Concept, Composer
Addicted to House, Vol. 11 Harley & Muscle Producer, Selection, Live Mixing
Cafe Solaire, Vol. 20: Soul Emotions for Funky People Producer, Arranger, Selection, Composer, Remixing
Café Solaire 17 Producer, Arranger, Selection
Café Solaire, Vol. 18 Producer, Arranger, Selection
Café Solaire, Vol. 21 Arranger, Compilation Producer, Selection, Quotation Author, Producer
DJ Spinna Presents the Sound Beyond DJ Spinna Composer
G Lounge Milano, Vol. 9 Producer, Arranger, Composer
G Lounge, Vol. 10 Producer, Arranger, Liner Notes, Composer
Golden Lounge Producer
Harley & Muscle Present Addicted To House 8 Mixing
Heavenly Grooves [Heavenly Bodies] Composer
House Classics III Harley & Muscle Arranger, Compilation Producer, Selection
House Session 5: Coolest Grooves from Tokyo Shuji Hirose Producer, Arranger, Selection
House Session, Vol. 4: The Coolest House Grooves From New York DJ Friendly / Dave Lare Compilation Producer
House: The Chill Edition Producer
Life Evolution Harley & Muscle Arranger, Composer, Producer
Love Lounge Producer
Lunare Project: Tribute Grand Hotel Santa Lucia, Vol. 2 Arranger, Compilation Producer, Composer, Producer, Remixing
Rick Wade: With Me Rick Wade Producer
Sunset Pearls Producer
Sunset Pearls: Ibiza Edition Henri Kohn Producer
Sunset in Dubai Gülbahar Kültür Producer
With Me Rick Wade Producer