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Year Album Artist
2022 Road Trip Anouk Strings
2022 My Favorites Anouk Strings
2021 New Day Anouk Strings
2020 Crushing Metal Death Antichrist Guitar, Group Member
2014 Queen of the Clouds Tove Lo Strings
2014 Habits (Stay High) Tove Lo Strings
2013 Sad Singalong Songs Anouk Viola, Violin
2011 Le Pop, Vol. 6: Les Chansons de la Nouvelle Scène Française Viola, Violin
2009 For Bitter or Worse Anouk Strings
2009 Dingue Emmanuelle Seigner Alto
2008 Best Of The Cardigans Strings
2007 The Redwalls The Redwalls Strings
2007 Prayer for the Weekend The Ark Strings
2007 Neptune City Nicole Atkins Main Personnel, Violin, Viola, Cello
2005 Tissues and Issues Charlotte Church Strings
2005 Super Extra Gravity The Cardigans Strings
2005 Oh No OK Go Additional Personnel, Viola
2005 Hey Hey My My Yo Yo Junior Senior Strings
2005 Eletrificacao A Bossa Elétrica Additional Personnel, Strings
1996 Scents Scents Violin
Éxitos Femeninos Strings
una aventura de una noche Strings
teen beats 2022 Strings
pov: you are in an edit Strings
i need you to stay Strings
Złamane Serce Strings
Worldwide hits 20 Strings
Workout Music 2021 Strings
Workout Mix 2021 Strings
Workout Hits 2022 [Feb 02] Strings
Workout From Home Strings
Workflow Tunes Strings
Women in Pop Strings
We Are the Proud People Strings
Voces anglo femeninas Strings
Viral Hits: October 2021 Strings
Viral Hits: January 2022 Strings
Viral Hits: December 2021 Strings
Viral Hits September 2021 Strings
Viral Hits November 2021 Strings
Vintage Pop [2021] Strings
Viaje a 2013 Strings
Varkanslor 2021 Strings
Vamos de Fiesta: Pop Strings
VSCO Girl Strings
Tusa Festivalera Strings
Top Trending Tracks of 2021 Strings
Top Pop Bops Strings
Tik Tock Hits 2022 [January] Strings
The Best PRIDE Album in the World...Ever! Strings
The Best 2000s Album in the World...Ever! Strings
The Ultimate Girl Pop Playlist Strings
Tesoros Musicales: Pop Strings
Tesoros Musicales: Ellas Strings
Teen Hits [2021] Strings
Team POP Strings
Te amar é um jogo perdido Strings
Taurus Mood Strings
Take Me Back Strings
TGIF [2022] Strings
Sábado de Chicas Strings
Summer Hits 2013 Strings
Stuck in Singapore: The Sian Can't Travel Mixtape Strings
Spring Break 2021 Strings
Spring Break Strings
Soulmates Strings
Solo Gang Strings
Social D-Day True Lies Violin
Smash Hits 2000 [Universal] Strings
Slowed + Reverb Original Songs Strings
Sinful Birth Antichrist Guitar, Group Member
Siempre Música, Vol. 1 Strings
Separation Songs Strings
Sayonara My Summer Strings
Save Your Tears Strings
Sad Songs 2022 Strings
Sad Songs 2021: Crying and Depressing Strings
Sad Girl Hours Strings
Sad Girl Autumn [2021] Strings
Rewind 2010 Strings
Restaurante Pop Strings
Remix Station, Vol. 5 Strings
Remix Station, Vol. 4 Strings
Relaxed [2023] Strings
Random Songs Strings
Radar de Éxitos: Ejercicio Strings
Radar de Éxitos: Alternativos Strings
Radar de Éxitos: 2010s Strings
Pride 2021 [Universal] [#1] Strings
Pregame Hits Strings
Pop y buenas Vibras Strings
Pop non stop [2022] Strings
Pop Never Forgets Strings
Pop Melhores da Decada Strings
Pop Ladies [Universal] Strings
Pop Clap Strings
Pop Challenge Strings
Pop Básico Strings
Pop Ardiente Strings
Piña Colada [2022] Strings
Paraíso del POP Strings
Para los que no conseguimos boleta Strings
Outdoor Workout 2022 Strings
Outdoor Fitness Hits Strings
Orgullo Universal Strings
Old But Gold Strings
New Years Eve 2020: Pop Party Strings
Más que una Mujer Strings
Musica Sin Escalas Strings
Music Is Universal: LGBTQ+ Pride Celebration Strings
Mujeres Night, Vol. 2 Strings
Mujeres Muy Cool Strings
Mujeres Icónicas [January] Strings
Modo Invierno Strings
Mix despecho Strings
Miserable Millennials Strings
Miercoles de Chicas Strings
Mañanas de Diciembre Strings
Mañanas Radiantes Strings
Main Character Vibes Strings
Love Is Love Is Love Strings
Long Run Strings
Lonely in the Rain Strings
Living Room Dance Party Strings
Leo Energy Strings
Late Night [2022] Strings
Las Mananitas de Sol Strings
Lagu Dansa Hits Strings
Karaoke Pop [2022] Strings
Jueves de Mujeres Strings
Jogo de Amor Strings
Jazz Collection Caroline Henderson Arranger
Jakarta Sepeda Strings
It's No Big Deal: 2010s Pop Throwbacks Strings
International Women's Day-Pop Strings
Instantes de Pop en Inglés Strings
Iconic Women of the 10's Strings
I Can Buy Myself Flowers Strings
Hype Para Festival Strings
Hot Tracks 2015 Strings
Hot Tracks Strings
Home Hiit Workout Strings
Holyday & Pop Strings
Hits of the 2010s Strings
Himnos Del Orgullo Strings
High Energy Throwback Strings
Hello Friday Strings
Heartbreak Hits [Universal] Strings
Halloween Pop Party Strings
Gym Music 2023 Strings
Grandes Temazos Legendarios Strings
Graduation 2022 Strings
Global Top Songs Strings
Giving You All Strings
Frühjahrsputz [February 23, 2022] Strings
Fresh Pop Hits Strings
Forget Me Not Strings
Fitness Mix 2021 Strings
Festivaliando Ando Strings
Festivaliando Strings
Festival Season 2022 Strings
Females in Pop Strings
Feeling Sad [2022] Strings
Fall Vibes 2021 Strings
Exam Week: Mood Boost Strings
Euphoric Vibes Strings
Essenciais do Pop Internacional Strings
Escapada Remix Strings
Electro Momento Strings
Drenched in Pain Strings
Dosis de dopamina Strings
Divas do Pop Strings
De Festival Strings
Dancing in the Corner Strings
Dance Bangers Strings
Dale al play!: Divas Strings
Cuando es un dia triste Strings
Cool Pop [2021] Strings
Contando Estrellas Strings
Coming of Age Movie Strings
Class of '14 Strings
Chill Vibes [2022] Strings
Chill Hits for Summer Strings
Chicas Night, Vol. 1 Strings
Chicas Night Strings
Caturday Strings
Canciones De Siempre: Pop Strings
Breakup Songs Strings
Break Up Tunes Strings
Bops Bops Bops! Strings
Blaze It Strings
Best of 2021 Trending Tracks Strings
Best of 2010s Strings
Best of 10's Strings
Best Workout Playlist 2022 Strings
Best Workout Playlist Strings
Best Summer Songs: 10's Strings
Best Mix for Cafes Strings
Beach Roadtrip Strings
Bar in Bangkok Strings
American Pop Strings
Alternative Hits 2022 Strings
All Alone Strings
Aesthetic Songs Strings
Addicted Strings
Active Spring Strings
40 Éxitos: Pop, Vol. 2 Strings
40 Éxitos: Para Tomar Café Strings
40 Éxitos: De Todo Strings
2010s Pop Hits Strings
2010s Hits [2019] Strings
2000: Talets Hits Strings
2000's Mixtape Strings
10s Mixtape Strings
100% Éxitos [2013] Strings
10's Best Of Strings
#wyld Strings
#Pop Strings
#2 Lovisa Ståhl Violin

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