Fernando M. Natalici


(1-98 of 98)
Year Album Artist
2009 Protoplasmic Boris Savoldelli Cover Photo
2009 disappearance Copernicus Photography
2008 Forests Brazilian Trio Photography
2008 Light in the Dark Chris Stassinopoulos Collage
2008 Straight Ahead Don Friedman Photography
2008 The Chakra Suite Dave Pietro Photography
2007 Kaleidoscope D.F.A. Photography
2007 New York Accent Mike DiRubbo Cover Photo
2007 Numero d'Vol Hugh Hopper Cover Photo
2006 Breath Jeff Gardner Photography
2006 Floating World Live Soft Machine Photography, Cover Photo
2006 Timelessness Frozen in Time Barbara Sfraga and Center Search Quest Graphic Design
2005 Live in Zaandam Soft Machine Legacy Illustrations, Cover Painting, Cover Photo
2004 Embrace Dave Pietro Cover Photo
2004 Frenesí Carlos Barbosa-Lima Photography
2004 Let Yourself Go Judi Silvano Photography
2004 Louisville Louis Smith Photography
2003 Abracadabra Soft Works Photography
2003 Beautiful Friendship John Hicks Cover Photo
2003 Blues for Mr. T Greg Skaff Cover Photo
2003 Fatha's Day: An Earl Hines Songbook John Hicks Photography
2003 Natalia Carlos Barbosa-Lima Photography
2003 Time for Love Taana Running Photography
2003 TriPod TriPod Photography, Cover Photo
2002 Bobby Sanabria & Quarteto Aché! Bobby Sanabria Photography
2002 Carnaval Trio Mundo Photography
2002 Grace David Friesen Photography
2002 Natural Habit NYC Jane Blackstone Photography
2001 Bar Torque Elton Dean Photography
2001 C/D/E Andrew Cyrille Licensing
2001 Celtic Jazz Collective: IsLinn (A Vision) Celtic Jazz Collective Photography
2001 Changing Times Dave Stryker Quintet Photography
2001 Fanfare & Fiesta Hugh Ragin Photography
2001 In the Ear of the Beholder Jorge Sylvester Photography, Executive Producer
2001 Just Natural Ronnie Burrage Photography
2001 St. Louis Blues Archie Shepp Licensing
2001 Sunwheels Michael Marcus Photography
2001 Takin' the Duke Out Dom Minasi Cover Illustration
2001 Thoughts of You Mary Ann McSweeney Photography, Executive Producer
2000 Big Bang Theory Billy Bang Photography
2000 Bluesology George Cables Photography
2000 Brazil & Company Vera Mara Photography
2000 Constant Source George Colligan Photography
2000 Heavens of a Hundred Days John Stetch Photography
2000 Milestones Michael Weiss Photography
2000 Shades of Miles Dave Stryker Photography
2000 Simone's Dance Dick Oatts Photography
2000 Slagle Plays Monk Steve Slagle Photography
2000 Songs I Wrote, Or Wish I Did Judi Silvano Photography, Design
2000 Stomping Ground George Colligan Photography
2000 The Backbeat Doug Raney Photography
2000 This Place Scott Colley Photography
2000 Three of Four Harold Danko Photography
2000 You Go to My Head Doug Raney Photography
1999 All in One Diversity Seleno Clarke Photography
1999 An Afternoon in Harlem Hugh Ragin Photography
1999 Dig It Ted Brown / Lee Konitz Photography
1999 Embrace Elisabeth Kontomanou Photography
1999 Extra Pressure Eric Person Photography, Video
1999 Join Us Hamiet Bluiett Photography
1999 M'Bizo World Saxophone Quartet Photography
1998 Brazilian Days Paul Winter Photography
1998 Libation for the Baritone Saxophone Nation Hamiet Bluiett Photography
1998 Little Sunflower Karen Francis Photography
1998 Notes on Ornette Paul Bley Photography
1998 Now & Zen LeeAnn Ledgerwood Photography
1998 Plays Mulligan Three Baritone Saxophone Band Photography, Cover Collage
1998 Same Space Hamiet Bluiett Photography, Hand Tinting, Cover Hand Tinting, Cover Photo
1998 Zaius Jeri Brown Photography
1997 Bang On! Billy Bang Photography, Hand Tinting
1997 Kingdom of Champa Michael Blake Photography, Cover Photo
1997 More Tales to Tell Eric Person Photography
1997 Paired Down, Vol. 1 D.D. Jackson Photography
1997 Paired Down, Vol. 2 D.D. Jackson Photography
1997 Takin' It 2 the Next Level World Saxophone Quartet Photography
1997 The Prize David O'Rourk Photography
1997 This Happening Michael Marcus Photography
1996 Bendito of Santa Cruz Ivo Perelman Photography
1996 Blue Monk Variations Ivo Perelman Cover Photo
1996 Blue to the Bone Dave Stryker Photography
1996 Four Now World Saxophone Quartet Photography
1996 Max's Kansas City 1976 Photography
1996 Sound Hierarchy Ivo Perelman Photography
Diversity Number 2 Seleno Clarke Photography