Ferde Grofé

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Ferde Grofé (1892-1972) was a pioneering jazz arranger who successfully made the transition from popular music into the concert hall.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Grand Canyon Suite, for orchestra 1931 Orchestral
Mississippi: A Journey in Tones (Mississippi Suite), for orchestra 1926 Orchestral
Death Valley Suite, for orchestra 1949 Orchestral
Niagara Falls Suite, for orchestra 1961 Orchestral
Mississippi Suite for piano 1925 Keyboard
Hollywood Ballet (Hollywood Suite), ballet 1936 Ballet
Three Shades of Blue, for orchestra 1927 Orchestral
Hudson River Suite, for orchestra 1955 Orchestral
Metropolis: a Fantasy in Blue, for orchestra 1928 Orchestral
March for Americans, for band 1945 Band Music
Wonderful One, song 1920 Vocal Music
Novelty Fox Trot Medley, for piano Keyboard
Tabloid Suite: Four Pictures of a Modern Newspaper, for orchestra 1932 Orchestral
Trylon and Persiphere, for orchestra (revised as "Black Gold") 1938 Orchestral
Christine, for cello & piano 1967 Chamber Music
Gallodoro's Serenade, for saxophone & piano 1958 Chamber Music
Piano Concerto in D minor 1959 Concerto
Time out of Mind, film score 1947 Film Score
Broadway at Night, a tone poem for orchestra 1924 Orchestral
Musical Comedy Favorites, medley for piano Keyboard
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