Robert Evett

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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sonata No.2: Chorale en rondeau 08:51 Keyboard
Billy in the Darbies, for voice, clarinet, string quartet & piano 08:48 Vocal Music
The Mask of Cain, for chorus 06:10 Choral
Chaconne for piano 03:57 Keyboard
What an Attractive Thing is Judgment, for chorus 1971 03:31 Choral
Propers for the Second Sunday in Lent, for chorus 02:19 Choral
Vespers, for chorus 1967 21:45 Choral
Compline, for chorus 1965 22:22 Choral
Prime, for chorus 1968 08:26 Choral
Cello Concerto No. 2 19:49 Concerto
Marian Antiphons (4), for chorus 1971 07:20 Choral
Propers for the First Mass of Christmas, for chorus 03:36 Choral
Miracles - five poems, for chorus 15:11 Choral
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