Ester Mägi


Year Title
1977 A due for flute & guitar Chamber Music
1974 Äiu-püiu, for chorus Choral
The Ancient Kannel Miscellaneous (Classical)
Ancient Kannel Miscellaneous (Classical)
1983 Bukoolika (Bucolica), for orchestra Orchestral
Cantus & Processus Miscellaneous (Classical) Song
1987 Cantus, for cello & guitar Chamber Music
Dialog, for organ Keyboard
1976 Dialoge, for clarinet, flute, cello & piano Chamber Music Quartet
1983 Duod rahvatoonis, for flute & violin Chamber Music Duet
1977 Haiku, for voice & harp or piano Chamber Music Song
1995 Huiked, for soprano, flute & guitar Vocal Music Song
1980 Hulkurpoiss (A Vagabond Boy), for chorus Choral
1996 Isamaa (The Fatherland), for chorus Choral
1988 Jõuluõhtul (Christmas Night), for chorus Choral
1989 Kerko-kell (Church Bell), for chorus Choral
1978 Kuidas elaksid? (How would You live?), for chorus Choral
1971 Lapi laul (Song from Lapland), for chorus Choral
2002 Laulikutele (To the Bards), for chorus Choral
1988 Murdunud aer (The Broken Oar), for chorus Choral
1968 Öölaul (A Night Song), for chorus Choral
1953 Piano Concerto Concerto
1990 Pietá, for chorus Choral
1991 Psalm, for cello & piano Chamber Music
1982 Serenade, for flute, viola & violin Chamber Music Trio
1995 Soov (A Wish), for chorus Choral
1968 Symphony Symphony
2000 Ta tuli (He came), for chorus Choral
1991 A tre for violin, cello & guitar Chamber Music
1981 Tuule tuba (Room of the Wind), for chorus & organ Choral
1995 Ühele lapsele (To a Child), for chorus Choral
1979 Üks hetk (A Moment), for chorus Choral
1984 Vahtralt valgõ pilve pääle (From a Maple onto a White Cloud), for chorus Choral
1985 Vana Kannel, for piano Keyboard Solo
1972 Variations for piano, clarinet and chamber orchestra Concerto
1998 Vesper, version for string orchestra Orchestral