Ernst Gottlieb Baron

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Baron was a major influence in developing the role of the lute and the theorbo in late Baroque music, and a composer of significant compositions for both instruments. Ernst Baron was born the son of Michael…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Suite for lute in G 12:58 Chamber Music
Sonata for oboe & continuo in D minor 11:19 Chamber Music
Concerto for flauto a becco & lute in D minor 08:16 Chamber Music
Le Drole & trio for lute 04:07 Chamber Music
Sonata for lute in B flat 13:39 Chamber Music
Concerto for flute & guitar No. 1 in C major 05:30 Concerto
Duet for flute & lute in G major 05:25 Chamber Music
Suite for 2 lutes in B flat major 08:55 Chamber Music
Concerto for lute & strings in C major 03:54 Chamber Music
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