If Marcel Proust had written music, it might have sounded something like Ernest Chausson's: intensely passionate, yet rarely given to grand gestures. The effectiveness of Chausson's ardent, even erotic, musical language derives largely from the slithery chromatic style the composer inherited from his most important teacher, César Franck. Not a prolific composer, Chausson died in 1899, at the age of 44, from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident. Chausson's death silenced the most distinctive voice in French music in the generation immediately preceding Debussy's; indeed, Chausson's music forms an elegant, if swaying, bridge between Franck's lush, Wagnerian Romanticism and the sensuous Impressionist language of Debussy. Chausson came from a well-to-do family; in fact, comfortable circumstances throughout his entire life made it ...
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Symphony in B flat major, Op. 20 1889 33:31 Symphony
Chanson perpétuelle, for soprano & orchestra (or piano quintet), Op. 37 1898 07:11 Vocal Music
Poème de l'amour et de la mer, for voice & orchestra, Op. 19 1882 23:19 Vocal Music
Poème, for violin & orchestra, Op. 25 1896 15:47 Concerto
Concert, for violin, piano & string quartet in D major, Op. 21 1889 38:38 Concerto
Quartet for piano & strings in A major, Op. 30 1897 36:49 Chamber Music
Mélodies (7), for voice & piano, Op. 2 1879 12:58 Vocal Music
Le roi Arthus, lyric drama in 3 acts, Op. 23 1886 02:39:38 Opera
Le Temps de Lilas, for voice & piano (included in "Poème de l'amour et de la mer") 1886 04:18 Vocal Music
Pièce for viola (or cello) & piano in C major, Op. 39 1897 07:07 Chamber Music
Les Papillons, for voice & piano, Op. 2/3 1880 01:13 Vocal Music
Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 3 1881 31:31 Chamber Music
String quartet in C minor, Op. 35 (completed by D'Indy) 1897 30:47 Chamber Music
Viviane, symphonic poem for orchestra, Op. 5 1882 11:56 Orchestral
Le Charme, for voice & piano, Op. 2/2 1879 01:50 Vocal Music
Chansons (4) de Shakespeare, for voice & piano, Op. 28 1890 06:32 Vocal Music
Sérénade Italienne, for voice & piano, Op. 2/5 1880 02:11 Vocal Music
La caravane, for voice & piano (or orchestra), Op. 14 1887 06:35 Vocal Music
Le Colibri, for voice & piano, Op. 2/7 1882 03:15 Vocal Music
Andante et Allegro, for clarinet & piano 1881 08:54 Chamber Music
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