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Year Album Artist
2009 God's Child Demetrus Mastering
2007 Self-Portrait Joshua Motohashi Audio Engineer, Mastering
2007 Jazz and Swing for Kids Mastering
2007 Dwell Together Rev. Bruce Parham Audio Engineer, Mastering
2006 Worth It All C.C. Jones Mastering
2006 Rejoice Will Bonds & Iop Mastering
2006 Just B. Allen This Time Bruce V. Allen Mastering
2006 How Many Women Karen Taylor-Good Mastering
2006 Flying High Again: The World Greatest Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne Mastering
2005 Glacious Glass Joe Mastering
2005 Back in the Game Uno Da Playa Mastering
2005 A7 A7 Mastering
2005 3 the God Way B.B. Jay Mastering
2004 The Imagination Dance Animal Band Mastering
2004 In Concert Lita Ford Mastering
2004 Hope Rev21 Mastering
2004 David Llewellyn David Llewellyn Mastering
2003 Rockin' Rusty Tony Justice Mastering
2003 Greatest Hits Wyclef Jean Assistant
2002 The Natural Haystak Mastering
2002 My Diary, Your Life Lisa McClendon Mastering
2002 International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 5 Mastering
2001 Too Close to the Moon Erik Thorson Mastering
2001 Lulu: Inspired Lulu Roman Mastering
2001 Jogos de Armar Tom Zé Make-Up
2001 Invade My Soul By the Tree Mastering
2001 Inspired LuLu Roman-Smith Mastering
2001 III Giant Mastering
2001 Cross the Danger Line Kimberly M'Carver Mastering
2000 Woodstock Nation Big House Mastering
2000 Pachelbel Canons... And More Mitch Malloy Mastering
2000 American Guitar Van Manakas Mastering
1999 Simple Gearle Stacey Earle Mastering
1998 Kansas Jennifer Knapp Original Mastering
1996 Bad Girls Upset by the Truth Jo Carol Pierce Mastering
1981 Better Luck The Plugz Mastering
Onxrt: Live from the Archive, Vol. 5 Mastering

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