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Year Album Artist
2019 Rock Ballads: The Greatest Rock and Power Ballads of the 70s 80s 90s 00s Composer
2019 Moulin Rouge! The Musical Composer
2018 Wilkes WILKES Composer
2017 Pitch Perfect 3 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Composer
2016 TrioKAIT Casual Kait Dunton Composer
2012 Lost Weekend Write This Down Composer
2011 Best of the Best [Universal] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
2011 100 Tubes Rentrée 2011 Composer
2010 Icon No Doubt Piano, Keyboards, Composer
2008 The Essentials Ice Cube Composer
2008 Reprises Soul R&B: Great Covers Great Composer
2008 Live Session Palladium Composer
2008 Dance Hits Party Pack, Vol. 2 Composer
2008 Csillag Születik Composer
2007 Gwen Stefani Piano Tribute Composer
2007 Dance Classics [ZYX] Composer
2005 World of Hits of the 90's Composer
2005 Secret Anna Maria Jopek Composer
2005 Legends of Pop [ZYX] Composer
2005 Hits of the '90s [ZYX] Composer
2005 Dance Trance Non Stop Composer
2005 Chartbuster Karaoke: No Doubt [15 Tracks] Composer
2005 A Change Is Gonna Come Leela James Composer
2004 Tragic Kingdom/Return of Saturn No Doubt Composer
2004 Everything in Time: B-Sides, Rarities, Remixes No Doubt Composer
2004 Dance Hits Party Pack Composer
2004 Chartbuster Karaoke: No Doubt Composer
2004 Chartbuster Karaoke: Greatest Songs of 90s Pop Hits Composer
2003 The String Quartet Tribute to No Doubt Vitamin String Quartet Composer
2003 The Singles 1992-2003 No Doubt Piano, Keyboards, Group Member, Composer
2003 Rock Steady Live [DVD] No Doubt Composer
2003 Karaoke Party! Teen 90s, Vol. 2 Composer
2003 Karaoke Party! Teen 90s, Vol. 1 Karaoke Party Composer
2003 It's My Life No Doubt Composer
2003 Hits 80s-90s Keyboards, Piano
2003 Boom Box No Doubt Piano, Keyboards, Composer
2002 A Tribute to No Doubt Composer
2001 MTV 20: Pop Composer
2001 Golden State Bush Piano
2000 Return of Saturn No Doubt Composer
2000 Love, Vol. 4 Composer
2000 Just Can't Get Enough of The Donkey Show Logo
2000 Hot Hits '97, Vol. 2 Celebrity All Star Jam Composer
2000 Excuse Me, Mister No Doubt Composer
2000 Dance Hit Invasion, Vol. 2 Composer
2000 Absolute Almighty, Vol. 7 Composer
2000 90's Best Hit Songs: Female Version Composer
1999 The Album Clueless Composer
1999 Rock Festival Composer, Keyboards, Piano
1999 Queer as Folk: The Whole Thing Sorted Composer
1999 Party Tyme Karaoke: Dance Remix, Vol. 1 Sybersound Composer
1998 War & Peace, Vol. 1: The War Disc Ice Cube Composer
1998 US Dance Party, Vol. 8 Composer
1998 Solid State 14 My Superhero Technical Advisor
1998 Simply the Best [Cental Station] Composer
1998 Put Some Style in It The Lounge Brigade Composer
1998 Music Awards Dance Party 1998 Composer
1998 Master Beat: Session 6 Composer
1998 Life Won't Wait Rancid Guest Artist, Piano
1998 Heatwave Beats Composer
1998 Euro Mix, Vol. 4 Composer
1998 Essential Dance [Hip-O] Composer
1998 Chef Aid: The South Park Album South Park Clavinet
1998 Brad Logan Rancid Clavinet
1998 B96 Mixmaster Throwdown, Vol. 3 Composer
1998 1998 Grammy Nominees Piano, Keyboards, Composer
1998 1997 Sleaze Ball Composer
1998 #1 Rock Hits Composer
1997 Wendy Composer
1997 US Dance Party, Vol. 7 Composer
1997 Sybersound Dance Mixes, Vol. 2 Sybersound Composer
1997 Sunday Morning No Doubt Composer
1997 Spiderwebs Clueless Composer
1997 Smash Mix, Vol. 2 Composer
1997 Self Made Monk Shplang Organ
1997 Pure Hits '97 Composer
1997 Pure Dance 1998 Composer
1997 Mega Hits Dance Party, Vol. 1 Composer
1997 Maximum Dance Mix [Xtreme] Composer
1997 Kuschelrock, Vol. 11 Composer
1997 Kickin' 5 Composer
1997 House Is the Feeling, Vol. 1 Composer
1997 Festivalbar '97 Composer
1997 Don't Speak No Doubt Composer
1997 Do It Again, Vol. 4 Composer
1997 Dance Mix USA, Vol. 7 Composer
1997 Club NRG, Vol. 1 Composer
1997 Club Mix '98 Composer
1997 Almighty Definitive, Vol. 3 Composer
1997 Ace Remix, Vol. 17 Composer
1997 1997 Grammy Nominees Piano, Keyboards
1996 Supercop Keyboards, Composer
1995 Tragic Kingdom No Doubt Piano, Keyboards, Composer
1995 The Beacon Street Collection No Doubt Keyboards, Composer
1995 Just a Girl [US #1] No Doubt Composer
1992 No Doubt No Doubt Arranger, Vocals, Keyboards, Composer
1992 California Ska-Quake, Vol. 1 Composer
分手情歌 [Breakup Love Song] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Дами канят [Dami Kanyat] Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Éxitos de los 90's en Inglés Composer
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist: Season 1, Episode 7 [Music From the Original TV Series] Composer
Yogi Translations of Gwen Stefani Yoga Pop Ups Composer
Yoga to Gwen Stefani & No Doubt Yoga Pop Ups Composer
Work Out Motivations Keyboards, Piano
Work From Home: Rock Edition Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Work From Home: Pop Hits Edition Keyboards, Piano
Women to the Front Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Women of Rock Keyboards, Piano
Women of Pop [2021] Keyboards, Organ
Women of 90s Pop Composer
Women of 90s Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Women Rock Keyboards, Piano
Viral Summer Hits 2021 Keyboards, Piano
Viejitas y variadas Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Viejitas Y Sabrosas Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Vibras Internacionales Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Viaje a 1995 Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Unplugged and Live No Doubt Composer
Tias Super Cool Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Throwback Thursday Mix, Vol. 5 Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Throwback Summer Hits Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Throwback 90's Composer, Keyboards, Piano
The Memorable Soundtracks Keyboards, Piano
The Best 90's Album in the World Ever [Universal] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
The Man Cave Composer
The Best Road Trip Album in the World...Ever! Composer, Keyboards, Piano
The Best Love Songs Album in the World...Ever! Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Tarde Pop Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Summertime 2020 Composer
Summer in the 90s Composer
Summer Sound Waves 2020 Sweden Composer
Summer Sound Waves Composer
Summer Rockin Composer
Summer Pop Hits Keyboards, Organ
Steamy Summer Sound Waves Composer
Spotify Singles Carly Rae Jepsen Composer
Sounds of the 90s, Vol. 1 The Cat and Owl Composer
Songs for a Rainy Day [Rhino] Composer
Songs From the 90's Composer
Slow Rock Greatest Hits Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Slow Rock Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Sleep Music Rock Edition Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Singing Under the Shower Composer
Shower Music Composer
Sad Songs [Rhino] Composer
Sad Composer
Running 140-160-180 BPM-Uptempo Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Rockin' Summer Sound Waves Composer
Rocker, Vol. 3 Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Rock the 90s Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Rock pra Superar Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Rock pra Emocionar Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Rock dos Anos 90 Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Rock Para Comer Composer
Rock Now Composer
Rock DJ Classics: Top 40 Hits Remix Collection Composer
Rock Anos 90 Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Road Trip Sing-Along [Universal] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Retro Party! Composer
Release Di Truth, Vol. 1 Gavinchi Brown Composer
Relaxing Pop Composer
Rainy Day Composer
Pra Cantar Internacional 80 e 90 Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Pop R&B Anos 90 Composer
Pop Internacional [2000-2010] Keyboards, Piano
Pop Hits 2021 Keyboards, Organ
Pop Classics Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Pop Anos 90 Composer
Pop Acoustic [Rhino] Composer
Pop 90s Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Pop 1990s Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Playlist: Chill Composer
Piano Tribute To No Doubt Composer
Perfect Cream Composer
Pasaporte al Pop Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Pasaporte a los 90s Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Party Tyme Karaoke: Variety Hits 1 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Summer Sound Waves Composer
Oldie But Goodie Rock Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Old But Gold 90's Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Old But Gold Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Nyårsmusik Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Nineties Party Music Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Nineties Nostalgia Keyboards, Piano
NOW 90's Generation Hits Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Music for the Car Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Music Anthems : Girl Power Keyboards, Piano
Mujeres Night Keyboards, Organ
Mañanas Domingueras Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Lullaby Versions of Gwen Stefani & No Doubt Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star Composer
Love You Down: Booty Bass Ballads '99 DJ Fierce Composer
Love Songs [2021] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Love Songs [2021] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Love Covered Composer
Lounge of Love, Vol.1: The Chillout Songbook Composer
Lounge of Love [Sunset-Lounge. TV] Composer
Let's Go 90s Party! Keyboards, Piano
Let Me Reintroduce Myself Gwen Stefani Keyboards, Organ
Lesbian Anthems Keyboards, Piano
Legendary Women Composer, Keyboards, Piano
La Voz 2019: Equipo Paulina Rubio [Asaltos Y Batalla Final] Composer
Karaoke Hits [2021] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Just a Peek That Allie Girl Composer
International Women's Month Keyboards, Piano
International Women's Day Keyboards, Piano
In Viaggio [2020] Composer
Housework Songs: 90s Style Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Hot Party 90 Classics Composer
Home Workout Anthems Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Home Office Party Keyboards, Piano
Hits zum Mitsingen [2021] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Hits of the 1990s Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Heartbreak Hits Composer
Have a Great Day! Keyboards, Piano
Halloween Party [Universal] Keyboards, Piano
Génération 90 [Universal] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Guten Morgen Composer
Guete Morge Composer
Grl Pwr [2021] Keyboards, Piano
Greatest Rock Hits Composer
Greatest Hits [Universal] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Greatest 90s Hits Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Good Vibes Bangers Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Good Morning Music: Breakfast in Bed Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Golden Hits [2020] Composer
Girls Rule [June, 2021] Keyboards, Piano
Girl Power [Universal] [2019] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Girl Power [2021] Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Girl Boss Keyboards, Piano
Front Women Keyboards, Piano
Femei de zece Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Female Rockers Composer
Female Pop Hits 2021 Keyboards, Piano
Feeling Bad to Feel Good Composer
Favourite Playlist Keyboards, Piano
Esenciales Rock Alternativo Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Empowerment Keyboards, Piano
Empoderadas y Felices Keyboards, Piano
Drew's Famous Instrumental Modern Rock Collection, Vol. 11 The Hit Crew Composer/Lyricist
Drew's Famous Best Break-Up Songs The Hit Crew Composer
Dosis Hipster Keyboards, Piano
Don't Speak Eliza Shaddad Composer
Don't Speak Parah Dice Composer
Dancing in My Room Keyboards, Piano
Dance Remix, Vol. 3 Composer
Dale Al Play! 90s Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Cuando Calienta El Rock, Vol. 2 Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Crying Sad Songs Composer
Cruel Intentions: The '90s Musical [Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording] Composer
Covers [Rhino] Composer
Cooking at Home [Rock Edition] Composer
Cooking at Home [Pop Hits Edition] Composer
Coconut Girl Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Clásicos del Rock y Pop Indispensables Keyboards, Piano
Cleaning Motivation Composer
Clasicos Del Rock, Vol. 4 Keyboards, Piano
Clasicos Del Rock, Vol. 2 Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Canciones de Siempre: Grupos Keyboards, Piano
Canciones de Siempre: Ellas Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Bridesmaids Anthems Keyboards, Piano
Breakup Songs [Universal] [2021] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Breakup Songs 2020 Composer
Break-Up Songs [2020] Composer
Billboard Karaoke: Top 10 Box Set, Vol. 3 Composer, Composer/Lyricist
Billboard 90s, Vol. 3 Composer/Lyricist
Best of 90s Rock, Vol.2: 20th Century Masters Composer
Best of 90s Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Best of 90's: Anni Novanta Composer, Keyboards, Piano
Best Road Trip Songs Composer
Bateu a Bad Rock Composer
Ballads [Rhino] Composer
At Home: Pop Edition Composer
At Home: Alt Edition Composer
Alla tiders hits 80 & 90-talet Composer, Keyboards, Piano
All the Single Ladies: Anthems of Independence Keyboards, Piano
Acoustic Covers [Rhino] Composer
Acapella Vocal Classics, Vol. 2 Composer
90s Summer Romance Composer
90s Summer Keyboards, Piano
90s Smash Hits Keyboards, Piano
90s Pop Hits Composer, Keyboards, Piano
90s Mixtape Composer
90s Love Songs [Febrauary, 2021] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
90s Love Songs [2021] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
90s Hits [Universal] Composer
90s Hits Composer, Keyboards, Piano
90s Band Composer, Keyboards, Piano
90's Rock, Vol. 2 Composer
90's Retro Party [Universal] Keyboards, Piano
90's Pop [Universal] [2020] Composer, Keyboards, Piano
90's Pop Hits Composer
90's Mixtape Keyboards, Piano
90's Love Songs [Universal] Composer
90's Hits Euro Dance Remix Classics, Vol. 2 Composer
90's Dance [Universal] Composer
90's Alternative [2021] Keyboards, Piano
80s, 90s, 00s Keyboards, Piano
50 Workout Gym & Running Hits, Vol. 1 (Cardio Shape Fitness Edition) Composer
50 Acoustic Bar Lounge Classics: Best of Chillout Songs, Vol. 1 Composer
4 All Ages: Rock Music Keyboards, Piano
4 All Ages: 90s Music Composer, Keyboards, Piano
30 Best 90s Modern Rock Composer
1990s Mix-Tape Keyboards, Piano
100 Greatest Shower Songs Composer
100 Greatest Sad Songs Composer
100 Greatest Heartbreak Composer
100 Greatest Covers Composer
100 Greatest Chilled Pop Composer
100 Greatest Ballads [Rhino] Composer
100 Greatest Acoustic & Chill Songs Composer
#1 Club Hits 2010 - Best of Dance & Techno [50 Tracks!] Composer