Eric Segnitz


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Year Album Artist
2016 Ben Johnston: String Quartets Nos. 6, 7 & 8; Quietness Ben Johnston / Kepler Quartet Producer, Member of Featured Artist
2016 Kamran Ince: Passion and Dreams Kamran Ince / Present Music / Kevin Stalheim Editing, Mixing, Violin, Vocals
2011 Ben Johnston: String Quartets Nos. 1, 5 & 10 Kepler Quartet Producer, Member of Featured Artist
2010 Lost in Time Eric Benét Violin
2009 Graffiti Present Music Editing
2009 Love the Future Chester French Strings
2006 Ben Johnston String Quartets Nos. 2 - 4, 9 Kepler Quartet Producer
2005 Celtic Muse: Music for Celtic Harp, Ensemble, And Voice Kim Robertson Arranger, Composer
2004 Kamran Ince: In White Present Music Violin, Bass (Electric), Soloist
2004 Travel On Kathryn Priestley Main Personnel, Violin
2003 Anna Karenina: The Audio Musical Producer, Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Harpsichord, Orchestration, Contractor
2003 Haunted America Present Music Vocals, Violin
2003 Searching for Lambs Kim Robertson Arranger
2002 Christmas Sigmund Snopek III Violin
2002 Twentieth Century Contrasts Henri Pensis Producer, Violin
2001 Dance to Your Shadow Kim Robertson Producer, Arranger, Guitar (12 String), Ukulele, Keyboards, Bass (Electric)
2000 Caravan of Light David Arkenstone Violin
2000 Celtic Song Composer
2000 Faire Celts: A Woman's Voice Composer
2000 Tapestry: New Music from the Americas Violin
199? No Ennui Mrs. Fun Violin
1999 Spiral Gate Kim Robertson Composer
1999 Spirit Peter Buffett Cello Arrangement, Choir Arrangement
1998 Beer Sigmund Snopek III Fiddle
1998 Celtic Romance: Celtic Harp Arranger, Violin
1998 Celtic Treasure, Vol. 2 Arranger
1998 Wisconsin: An American Portrait Peter Buffett Adaptation, Orchestration
1997 Celtic Forest Violin, Composer
1997 Faces of the Harp: Celtic & Contemporary Producer
1997 Kamran Ince: The Fall of Constantinople; Arches; Remembering Lycia Albany Symphony Orchestra / David Alan Miller Violin
1997 Spirit Dance Peter Buffett Arranger
1997 Spirit Wind David Arkenstone String Arrangements
1996 Star of Wonder Peter Buffett & New World Ensemble Arranger, Guitar, Violin, Strings, Keyboards, Fretless Bass
1996 Wood, Fire & Gold Kim Robertson Producer, Arranger, Conductor, Violin, Fretless Bass, Talking, Composer
1995 Feet of Clay Feet of Clay Violin
1995 Precious Waters: River of Life Violin
1994 500 Nations: A Musical Journey Peter Buffett Strings, String Arrangements
1994 Kamran Ince: Waves of Talya; Hammer Music; Cross Scintillations; Night Passage Present Music Producer
1994 The Time is Now Jon Pierre Gee Violin, String Arrangements
1992 Narada Christmas Collection, Vol. 2 Arranger, Violin, Piano
1992 Yonnondio Peter Buffett Violin
1991 A Childhood Remembered Violin
1991 In the Wake of the Wind David Arkenstone Violin
1991 Lost Frontier Peter Buffett Violin
1991 Wisdom of the Wood: Contemporary Acoustic Music Violin
1990 The Narada Nutcracker Violin
Shady Grove Kim Robertson Acoustic Bass Guitar, Arranger, Bass (Electric), Cittern, Guitar, Guitar (12 String), Harmonium, Kalimba, Mandocello, Mandola, Mandolin, Piano, Tongue Drum, Violin
Shall We Gather Kim Robertson Arranger, Bass (Electric), Guitar, Harmonium, Piano