Emile Waldteufel

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Regarded as the Johann Strauss of Paris, Emile Waldteufel wrote some 300 dances (more than half of them waltzes) for French society balls and private functions. Although his music has been criticized…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Les Patineurs Valse ("Skater's Waltz"), Op. 183 1882 06:22 Orchestral
Estudiantina, waltz for orchestra, Op. 191 1883 04:54 Orchestral
España Waltzes for orchestra, Op. 236 (after Chabrier) 1886 05:36 Orchestral
Ganz Allerliebst (Très Jolie), waltz for orchestra, Op. 159 06:11 Orchestral
Amour et Printemps Waltz for orchestra 04:11 Orchestral
Grande Vitesse Galop for orchestra, Op 146 03:26 Orchestral
Bella, polka mazurka for orchestra, Op 113 04:01 Orchestral
Pomone Waltz for orchestra, Op 155 07:43 Orchestral
Bonne Bouche Polka for orchestra, Op 163 05:43 Orchestral
Kamiesch, March, Op.5 04:59 Orchestral
Minuit Polka for orchestra, Op 168 05:04 Orchestral
Mello, waltz, Op. 123 08:43 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Solitude Waltz Op 174 09:54 Orchestral
Tric-trac Polka, Op.181 04:17 Orchestral
Sur la Plage Waltz, Op 234 08:00 Orchestral
La Barcarolle Waltz, Op 178 08:43 Orchestral
Fruehlingskinder Waltz (Violettes), Op 148, for orchestra 10:23 Orchestral
Pluie de diamants, waltz for orchestra, Op 160 07:20 Orchestral
Les Grenadiers Waltz for orchestra, Op 207 05:15 Orchestral
La Source, Waltz, Op.180 09:16 Orchestral
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