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Year Album Artist
2022 We May Grow Old but We Never Grow Up Example Composer
2021 Most Wanted: The Greatest Hits The Wanted Composer
2019 Rock Ballads: The Greatest Rock and Power Ballads of the 70s 80s 90s 00s Composer
2014 Now That's What I Call Music! 87 [UK] Composer
2014 Live Life Living Example Composer
2013 Word of Mouth The Wanted Composer
2013 Ultra Dance 14 Composer
2013 BRIT Awards 2013 Composer
2013 #hits Example Composer, Vocals
2012 Ultra Dubstep Composer
2012 The Evolution of Man Example Composer
2012 The Wanted The Wanted Composer
2012 Streetdance 2 Composer
2012 Pump It Up: The Ultimate Dance Workout Composer
2012 Now, Vol. 82 [2012] Composer
2012 Now That's What I Call a Workout Composer
2012 Now That's What I Call Music! 83 [UK] Composer
2012 Just Dance 2013 Composer
2012 Give Me Dubstep Composer
2012 Electro House 2012 Composer
2012 Daydreamer Flux Pavilion Composer
2012 Chasing the Sun The Wanted Composer
2012 18 Months Calvin Harris Vocals
2011 Ultra 2012 Composer, Vocals
2011 Now That's What I Call Music! 79 [UK] Composer
2011 Kanikuly 2011 Composer
2011 Ibiza Annual 2011 Composer
2011 Hed Kandi: Ibiza 2011 Composer
2011 Clubbers Guide to Festivals Composer
2011 Changed the Way You Kiss Me Example Composer
2011 Best of Electro House 2.0 Composer
2011 Addicted to Bass: Classics Composer
2011 100 Dance 2012 Composer
2010 This Is UK MCs Composer
2010 The Very Best of Euphoric Dance: Breakdown 2010 Composer, Vocals
2010 The Sound of Dubstep Composer, Vocals
2010 The Wanted The Wanted Composer
2010 The Mash Up Mix 2010 Composer, Vocals
2010 Running Trax Composer
2010 Now That's What I Call Music! 76 [UK] Composer
2010 Now That's What I Call Music! 75 [UK] Composer
2010 Ministry of Sound: The US Annual 2011 Composer, Vocals
2010 Ministry of Sound: Chilled Acoustic Composer
2010 Hed Kandi World Series: Tokyo Composer, Vocals
2010 Funky House Classics Composer, Vocals
2010 Clubbers Guide: Electro Composer, Vocals
2010 BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, Vol. 5 Composer
2010 Addicted to Bass 2010 The Wideboys Composer, Vocals
2010 101 Ibiza Anthems Composer
2009 Ministry of Sound: Annual 2010 Composer
2009 Hed Kandi: Pure Kandi Composer
2009 Hed Kandi: Destroy the Disco Composer
2009 Dance Nation 2: Your Big Night Out Composer
¡Calor En La Ciudad! Composer
Zumba Karaoke Stars: The Hits 2012 Composer
Xrated: Changed the Way You Kiss Me Composer
We'll Be Coming Back Calvin Harris Composer
We Love Electro, Vol. 8 Composer
We Love Electro IX Composer
Waiting All My Life PBH & Jack Composer
Video Edit: My Hearts Are Stereo Composer
Twerk It Producer
Trance Nation: The Collection Composer
Top Pop Bops Composer
Top 40: Hot Tracks Right Now Composer
Top 40: Ai Se Eu Te Pego Composer
Top 30 Hits 2012 Composer
Today's Acoustic [Rhino] Composer
Throwback Thursday Composer
Throwback Hits [December 2020] Composer
The Best of Composer
The Workout Mix: London 2012 Composer
The Christmas Chart Anthems World Chart Boys Composer
Super Now Composer
Super Friends Blasterjaxx Composer
Sunshine Live, Vol. 38 Composer
Sound of Drums Rogue Traders Composer
Scott Mills: Weekend Anthems Composer
Say Nothing Audio Groove Composer
SOS Solenn Composer
Running Trax Mash-Up Composer
Roadtrip Alegre Composer
Remixxer John Lepage Composer
Primadonna Girl Loves the Top 40 Hits The Nossa Band Composer
Pop Hits 2012-2015 Composer
Pop Acoustic [Rhino] Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Pop Male Hits 11 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 5 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 23 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 20 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 16 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Dance & Disco Hits 1 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Papeete Beach Compilation, Vol. 16 Composer
Now, Vol. 21 [Canada] Composer
Nine Point Nine Grim Sickers Composer
Never Let You Down Example / Kanine Composer
Natural Disaster Example / Laidback Luke Composer
Naked Hayla Composer
Mix Alegre Composer
Ministry of Sound: In the Club, Vol. 3 Composer
Ministry of Sound Radio Presents: On the Download Composer
Love Don't Fade DJ S.K.T. / Example Composer, Vocals
Love Covered Composer
Love 2 Club 2011 Composer
Lounge of Love, Vol. 6: The Pop Classics Chillout Songbook Composer
Live. The 02 Arena. NYE 31.12.09. London Composer
La Voile Rouge: St Tropez 2010 Composer
Kids Friendly Pop Composer
Kickstarts Matt Wills Composer
Karaoke Smasher: Summer Edition Composer
Just Dance 2013: Top 40 Club Electro & House Hits Composer
July 2012 Pop Smash Hits Off the Record Composer
July 2012 Pop Hits Karaoke Off the Record Composer
July 2012 Pop Hits Instrumentals Off the Record Composer
House 2011: In the Mix Composer
Hottest Hits Ever, Vol. 4 Composer
Hot Tracks Right Now Internet Friends Composer
Hot Party Summer 2010 Composer
Here Comes the Sun Composer
Hed Kandi: Taste of Winter 2010 Composer
Heart Vacancy The Wanted Composer
Global Underground 2010 Composer
Get No Sleep, Vol. 2 Composer
From House to Electro, Vol. 4 Composer
Fresh Cuts, Vol. 1 Audio Groove Composer
Feel Good Music Composer
Every Single Time Example Composer
Electro House 2011, Vol. 2 Composer
EM Team 2012: The Hits for the European Championship Composer
Dubstep [ZYX] Composer
Dubstep [ZYX 2012] Composer
Dosis de Alegría Composer
Despertar Contento Composer
Deep Bou / Example Composer
Dance Party Mix Composer
D:Vision Club Session, Vol. 22 Composer
Covers [Rhino] Composer
Clubtraxxx, Vol. 7 Composer
Clubbin': Best of 2011 Composer
Club House Classics Composer
Chasing the Sun DJ Cover This Composer
Chasing the Sun The Needed Composer
Changed the Way You Kiss Me Starmakers Karaoke Band Composer
Changed the Way You Kiss Me Audio Groove Composer
Boy Band Mega Hits Composer
Body By Jake: Boot Camp Workout Composer
Big Beat Yearbook: 2012 Composer
Big Beat Hits Composer
Best of Winter Charts 2012 Internet Friends Composer
Best of House 2011 Composer
Best of Charts 2012 Oppa Composer
Bar Music 2020 Composer
Bar Mitzvah Composer
Back on the Wreck Example Composer
Ai Se Eu Te Pego Scary Monsters Composer
Acoustic Covers [Rhino] Composer
90s, 00s, 10s Composer
2013 The Hottest Composer
2011 Composer
1Xtra: The Album Composer
100% Top 40 Summer 2013, Vol. 2 Audio Groove Composer
100% Top 40 Summer 2012 Audio Groove Composer
100 Greatest Pop Songs Composer
100 Greatest Heartbreak Composer
100 Greatest Covers Composer
100 Greatest Breakfast Songs Composer
100 Greatest Ballads [Rhino] Composer
100 Greatest Acoustic & Chill Songs Composer

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