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Year Album Artist
2020 Weight of the False Self Hatebreed Cover Art
2020 Titans of Creation Testament Artwork
2020 The Ghost of Orion My Dying Bride Cover Art
2020 Of Truth and Sacrifice Heaven Shall Burn Cover Art
2020 Hell Will Come for Us All Aversions Crown Cover Art
2020 Dream in Motion Kirk Windstein Artwork
2019 Purgatory Despised Icon Artwork
2019 Human Target Thy Art Is Murder Artwork, Paintings
2018 Upon Desolate Sands Hate Eternal Design, Cover Painting
2018 The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn Bloodbath Cover Art
2018 Scourge of the Enthroned Krisiun Artwork
2018 Ritual Soulfly Cover Illustration
2018 Cruel Magic Satan Cover Art
2017 Where Echoes Gather Communic Artwork
2017 The Symbol of Death Disbelief Cover Art
2017 Relentless Mutation Archspire Cover Painting
2017 Pure Torture Green Death Cover Art
2017 Profane Nexus Incantation Artwork, Cover Art
2017 Embers of a Dying World Mors Principium Est Cover Art
2017 Dear Desolation Thy Art Is Murder Artwork, Paintings
2016 The Serpent Only Lies Crowbar Artwork
2016 Ferryman's End Izegrim Artwork, Paintings
2016 Brotherhood of the Snake Testament Concept, Cover Art
2015 Manufacturing Evil Green Death Back Cover, Cover Art
2015 Infernus Hate Eternal Design, Cover Art
2015 Archangel Soulfly Cover Illustration
2014 Plagues of Babylon Iced Earth Artwork, Cover Art
2013 Waiting for the End to Come Kataklysm Cover Art
2013 The Divinity of Purpose Hatebreed Paintings
2013 Life Sentence Satan Artwork
2013 Duskmachine Duskmachine Artwork
2013 Darkest White Tristania Artwork
2013 Dark Roots of Thrash Testament Artwork
2012 Death Sentence Dublin Death Patrol Artwork
2012 Dark Roots of Earth Testament Booklet, Cover Art
2010 The Human Machine Master Artwork
2010 Scenes from Hell Sigh Artwork, Cover Art
2010 Jupiter Atheist Artwork
2010 In War & Pieces Sodom Artwork
2010 Dreaming Saturn The Crinn Cover Art, Layout
2009 Death March Fury Masachist Cover Art
2008 The Formation of Damnation Testament Illustrations, Artwork
2008 DDP 4 Life Dublin Death Patrol Artwork, Design
What We've Lost Enders Game Artwork
Wanderer on the Edge of Time Mekong Delta Cover Art
V Havok Artwork
Trail of Fire: Live in North America Satan Artwork
The Void 3000AD Artwork
The Redemption of Cain Art-X Cover Art
The Bottom Deep Communic Design, Cover Art
The Immortal Wars Ex Deo Cover Art
Safe in Sound Walkways Logo
Rise Reign of the Architect Artwork
Race of Lies Armilos Design, Cover Art
Primeval Venom Prison Artwork, Concept
Mara Cult of Lilith Artwork
Manifesto Loudblast Artwork, Cover Art
Maestro Winterhorde Artwork
Limbo Gaerea Cover Art
In Tongues Dark Sermon Paintings
IV: The Requiem For the Art of Death Immortal Souls Artwork
Hostis Humani Generis Ye Banished Privateers Cover Art
Hindsight: Suffering Hour and Reason Anacrusis Artwork, Design, Cover Art
Heir to Despair Sigh Cover Art
Following the Beast Gormathon Paintings
Enraged and Unbound Unfathomable Ruination Artwork
Ecstasy Of God Spheron Cover Art
Dominion Dragonlord Booklet, Back Cover, Cover Art, Calligraphy
Divine Golden Blood Humanizer Cover Art
Dirges of Elysium Incantation Paintings
Death is Righteous Shredhead Logo
Dancing with the Past Kenn Nardi Cover Art Concept, Paintings
Atom by Atom Satan Cover Art
Anthems of the Damned Hammercult Artwork, Logo, Logo Concept, Art Conception
Animus Venom Prison Artwork
A Clockwork Universe Spheron Cover Art
A Celebration Of Death Fester Cover Art