Elgar Howarth

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Howarth is one of the most conspicuous figures in modern English musical life, maintaining a multifaceted career as a conductor, composer, arranger, and instrumentalist.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Variations on "Carnival of Venice," for brass ensemble 04:32 Chamber Music
Concerto for trombone & orchestra 19:47 Concerto
The American Dream, for brass band 04:39 Band Music
Cappricio, for solo trumpet (or for brass ensemble & percussion) 09:04 Chamber Music
The Cuckoo, Swiss melodies for brass 01:17 Chamber Music
Processional Fanfare, for brass 00:57 Chamber Music
Concerto for trumpet & brass band 18:44 Band Music
Cantabile for John Fletcher 09:21 Miscellaneous (Classical)
In Memorian R. K., for brass band 14:35 Orchestral
Hymns at Heaven's Gate, for brass band 15:06 Band Music
English Dances, for brass ensemble 10:05 Chamber Music
Legends for band 06:36 Band Music
Songs for BL, for brass band 15:37 Band Music
Fireworks, for brass band 1975 15:40 Band Music
Fancies, Toyes and Dreams, suite for brass (after works by Giles Farnaby) 07:49 Chamber Music
The Amazing Mr. Arban 09:36 Chamber Music
Mortimer's Dream, for brass band 05:04 Band Music
The Bandsman Tale, for brass band 06:50 Band Music
Pieces (5) for Spielberg, for brass band 24:01 Band Music
Canto, for cornet & brass band 07:40 Band Music
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