Electric Banana is the name the Pretty Things sometimes recorded under starting in the late '60s when they took a job with the De Wolfe music library. At the end of the decade they cranked out three albums' worth of psychedelic pop that stacked up well alongside their official releases. They also recorded two more sets in the '70s when the need for extra cash arose. The albums became oft-bootlegged collector's items and were finally given a legitimate release in 2019. In 1967, the Pretty Things (vocalist Phil May, guitarist Dick Taylor, bassist Wally Waller, and drummer John Povey) were down on their luck financially and looking for a way to bolster their drooping bank accounts. By chance, the folks at the De Wolfe music library were looking for a swinging young band to provide some mod songs that they could offer to movies and TV shows ...
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The Electric Banana Blows Your Mind 1997 The Electric Banana Blows Your Mind
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