Edward German

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Sir Edward German was one of the most popular English composers of the first decade of the twentieth century, renowned particularly in the fields of comic opera, incidental theater music, and light classical…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Rolling Down to Rio for voice & piano (or orchestra) 1903 02:07 Vocal Music
Theme and Six Diversions 1919 17:04 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Charming Chloe 02:38 Miscellaneous (Classical)
The Just So Song Book, song cycle 1903 02:05 Vocal Music
Love Is Meant to Make Us Glad 01:29 Show/Musical
Have you news of my boy Jack, for voice & piano 03:52 Vocal Music
Song Without Words 05:27 Vocal Music
March Rhapsody on Original Themes, for orchestra 1897 13:45 Orchestral
Romance for clarinet & piano in F major 04:07 Chamber Music
Yeomen of England 02:48 Vocal Music
Nell Gwyn, incidental music 1900 05:32 Orchestral
Symphony No. 2 in A minor ("Norwich") 1893 31:34 Symphony
Glorious Devon 02:49 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Welsh Rhapsody for orchestra 17:46 Orchestral
Valsette for piano in E minor 03:55 Keyboard
Valse Fantastique for piano 02:40 Keyboard
Who'll buy my lavender? 03:21 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Melody for piano in E flat major 04:18 Keyboard
Valse-caprice for piano in A major 04:54 Keyboard
Graceful Dance for piano in F major 03:44 Keyboard
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