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Year Album Artist
2017 Size 9 Jan Lamb Composer, Producer
2017 Confession Chan Wing Him Producer
2017 Another Me Shiga Lin Arranger, Producer
2016 Ginetic Gin Lee Composer
2016 Damn! Jan Lamb Arranger, Composer, Producer
2011 August Girl Fiona Sit Arranger, Composer
2009 Read Me Fiona Sit Arranger, Composer
2007 Xiao Xia Gu Zhi 1234 Fiona Sit Composer
2007 This Love Live 2007 Khalil Fong Producer
2007 This Love Khalil Fong Mixing, Producer, String Arrangements
2006 Xiao Wang Shu Hins Cheung Arranger
2006 With a Boy Like U Kary Ng Composer, Producer
2006 The Best of EMI Av Series: Denise Ho Denise Ho Arranger
2006 Love '06: Qing Ge Ji Arranger, Composer
2006 Get a Life Eason Chan Composer
2006 Electric Angel Fiona Sit Composer
2006 Complete Sammi Cheng Arranger
2005 Mi Century Sammi Cheng Arranger, Composer
2005 Hip Hip Hurray Aaron Kwok Arranger
2005 Fiona Avep Fiona Sit Arranger, Composer
2005 Completely Yours...Sammi Sammi Cheng Arranger, Composer, Producer
2005 AK Trilogy: Yours Truly Greatest Hits Aaron Kwok Arranger
2004 The Best of HOCC Denise Ho Arranger
2004 Singing in the Ring Wilfred Lau Composer
2004 Sammi vs Sammi 04 Concert CD Sammi Cheng Arranger
2004 La La La Sammi Cheng Arranger, Composer, Producer
2003 Natural Shine Shine Arranger
2003 In the Still of the Night Aaron Kwok Arranger, Composer, Producer
2002 The Power of Love Aaron Kwok Arranger
2002 Sammi E-Party Sammi Cheng Arranger
2002 Nicam Greatest Hits 2002 Aaron Kwok Arranger, Producer
2002 Jo Koo 2002 Jo Koo Arranger, Composer, Engineer, Producer
2002 Free Love Denise Ho Arranger
2001 Tender Sammi Cheng Arranger, Engineer, Producer
2001 Sonic EP VRF Arranger, Composer, Remix Engineer
2001 Sammix Dance Collection: New Song & Greatest Hits Sammi Cheng Arranger, Engineer, Producer
2001 Pure Energy Collection New Song + Greatest Hits Aaron Kwok Arranger
2001 Love Is...... Sammi Cheng Arranger
2001 Absolute Aaron Kwok Arranger, Producer
2000 Fearless vs. Future Aaron Kwok Arranger
人生總有___ [Life Always Has ___] Arranger, Producer
love songs from dreams Justin Lo Arranger, Producer
Zhu Ti Qu 101 Arranger
Yue Hu Robynn & Kendy Arranger
Wonder Miriam Miriam Yeung Composer, Producer
We Grew This Way Sammi Cheng Arranger, Producer
Unlock Me Charmaine Fong Composer
Unforgettable Sammi Cheng Arranger
True Legend 101 Aaron Kwok Arranger, Producer
True Legend 101 Sammi Cheng Arranger
Tong Jin Robynn & Kendy Arranger
Timeless Mixing, Pro-Tools, Producer, Recording
Theme Songs 101 Arranger
The Best of Shine Shine Arranger
The Ripples Janice M. Vidal Mixing, Pro-Tools, Producer, Recording
Take Your Trash With You Janice M. Vidal Arranger, Composer, Pro-Tools, Producer, Programming, Recording
Sunlight Leung Chiu Fung Arranger, Producer
Soulboy Collection Khalil Fong Producer
Shine Passion Live Shine Arranger, Composer
She Wrote All Night Janice M. Vidal Producer
Sammi vs Sammi Sammi Cheng Arranger
Sammi Ultimate Collection Sammi Cheng Composer, Engineer, Producer
Sammi Touch Mi World Tour Live Sammi Cheng Arranger
Sammi Touch Mi 2 Live 2016 Sammi Cheng Arranger
Prologue Gin Lee Arranger, Composer
Picturesque Robynn & Kendy Arranger
Perfect Timing Ivana Wong Arranger
One Remus Choy Composer, Producer
One Remus Choy Composer, Producer
New World VRF Arranger, Composer, Producer
Never Odd or Even Justin Lo Arranger
Myself World Tour: Live Jolin Tsai Composer, Lyricist
Live On Stage: In Concert 2000/01 Aaron Kwok Arranger
Let It Shine Leung Chiu Fung Producer
Last Love Song [Mandarin Greatest Hits] Producer
Last Love Song [Cantonese Greatest Hits] Producer
LV1234 Veronica Lee Composer
Kofuku Station Ella Koon Arranger
Khalil Timeless Concert Live 2009 Khalil Fong Composer, Producer
Keeva Mak Keeva Mak Composer
Jolin Tsai: Play World Tour Jolin Tsai Composer
Jia Zhou Hong 903 Shi Yi Tuan Huo Yin Yue Hui Shine Composer
Ivana Ivana [Live 2014] Ivana Wong Arranger
It's OK to Be Sad Janice M. Vidal Arranger, Composer, Pro-Tools, Producer, Programming, Recording
I Wanna Be a Little Strong Wong Tze Wah Arranger
Happy for You Lukas Graham Vocal Producer
Happy Birthday Cookies Composer
Greatest Hits 2006 Aaron Kwok Arranger, Producer
Greatest Hits Kary Ng Composer, Producer
First of All Live 2018 Gin Lee Composer
Filicious Fiona In Concert 2012 Fiona Sit Arranger, Composer
Filicious Fiona Sit Arranger, Composer
F Best Fiona Sit Arranger, Composer
Experience Wong Tze Wah Arranger, Composer, Engineer, Producer
Everything Everywhere Every Me Ben Chiu Arranger, Producer
Drink Up MC Cheung Tinfu Arranger, Producer, Programming, Recording
Dong Ya Wan Sui Arranger, Producer
Dangerous World Khalil Fong Composer
Create My Own Universe Leung Chiu Fung Arranger, Producer
Cantopop Jan Lamb Arranger, Composer, Producer
CURATIONS Robynn & Kendy Arranger
Ban Shou Nan Hai Shine Arranger, Composer
Baby Stop Cherry Ngan Lyricist
Absolute Voices-Memory Arranger
15 Khalil Fong Live In Hong Kong 2011 Khalil Fong Producer

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