Eduard Strauss

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The youngest son of Johann Strauss I, Eduard Strauss followed his father and two older brothers into music. He was one of the best-trained of the family members, but in many ways the least successful.…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Bahn frei!, polka schnell, Op. 45 1865 02:26 Orchestral
Schützen-Quadrille, for orchestra 1868 05:35 Orchestral
Trifolien, waltz for orchestra 1865 10:35 Orchestral
Um die Wette, Galop, Op. 241 05:03
Mit Vergnügen! (With pleasure!), Polka schnell, Op. 228 02:16 Orchestral
Mit Extrapost, polka schnell for orchestra, Op. 259 02:09 Orchestral
Jugendfeuer Op 210 02:12 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Ohne Aufenthalt Polka for orchestra, Op 112 02:16 Orchestral
Serenad, mazurka 01:40 Orchestral
Helen Quadrille, Op 14 05:10 Orchestral
Reiselust (Delight in Travel), polka française for orchestra, Op. 166 03:43 Orchestral
Unter der Enns (Below the Enns), polka for orchestra, Op. 121 02:05 Orchestral
Schleier und Krone (Veil and Crown), waltzes, Op. 200 08:14 Orchestral
Lilienkränze, waltz 02:10 Orchestral
Doctrinen Waltzes, Op 79, for orchestra 08:04 Orchestral
Electrisch (Polka schnell) 02:20 Orchestral
Wo man lacht und lebt, Polka schnell, Op. 108 1873 02:09 Orchestral
Auf und davon!, fast polka Op.73 02:18 Orchestral
Faschingsbrief, Polka, Op. 203 1882 03:03 Orchestral
Mit Dampf Polka schnell Op.70 02:14 Orchestral
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