Eddie Flowers


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Year Album Artist
2007 Plastic Hong Kong Door Bell Finger The Screamin' Mee-Mees Cover Design
2007 Warp Sessions 1972-1973 The Screamin' Mee-Mees Graphic Design, Mastering
2006 Gizmo My Way: Unsung Anthems of Ken Highland & The Gizmos Mykal Xul Composer
2006 Live in Bloomington 1977-1978 Gizmos Graphic Design
2006 The Spirit of '76 Crawlspace Group Member
2006 Where There Are No Roads 12 Cent Donkey Graphic Design
2005 Alone Lou Rone Design
2005 People Is Beautiful Gays in the Military Design
2005 Tet-Offensive Hollywood Squaretet Graphic Design
2004 Garbage Collage Screaming Meemees Graphic Design
2004 Hell Tonite! Thundertrain Graphic Design
2004 Swirls Away Red Glance Graphic Design
2004 The 80's Angel Corpus Christi Graphic Design
2003 1976-1977: The Studio Recordings Gizmos Vocals, Vocals (Background), Graphic Design
2003 Accordion Pop, Vol. 1 Angel Corpus Christi Graphic Design
2003 Law Where Prohibited by Void Crawlspace Group Member
2003 Live from the Basement, 1975-1997 Screaming Meemees Liner Notes
2003 Secrets/Struggle Bill McCarter Liner Notes
2003 Simply Good Taste: The Sounds of Slippy Town Vocals, Drums
2003 The Unreel Hits The Wooldridge Brothers Graphic Design
2003 Xmas Snertz: Have a Very Gulcher Christmas! Vocals, Guitar, Wind Chimes, Mastering
2002 1978-1981: Never Mind the Gizmos Here's the Gizmos Gizmos Graphic Design
2002 Fall of the House of Ruin The Walking Ruins Graphic Design
2002 Live at Catone's 1977 Afrika Korps Graphic Design
2002 Live at the Library MX-80 Liner Notes
2001 1980-1981: I Wanna Kill My Mom!!! The Panics Execution
2001 1981 NYC Demos: The Midwest Can Be Allright Gizmos Graphic Design
2001 Boxing with God El Vez Layout Design
2001 Red Snerts: The Sound of Gulcher Graphic Design
2000 1975-1977: Demos & Rehearsals Gizmos Producer, Photography, Graphic Design, Equalization
1999 Love Always Wins '68 Comeback Artwork, Layout Design
1999 Syncopation/Gogogoairheart [Split CD] Syncopation Layout Editing
1999 Teenage Wannabees Vyvyan Layout Design
1999 The Best of the Worst: 93-97 Oblivians Layout Design
1998 A Bridge Too Fuckin' Far '68 Comeback Artwork
1998 April March & Los Cincos Los Cincos / April March Computer Illustration
1998 Buck [Sympathy for the Record Industry] Buck Graphic Design
1997 April March Sings Along with the Makers April March Design
1997 Eat the Pebbles Pebbles Design
1997 Good Livin' Platter Junkyard Dogs Design
1997 Last Great Ride Dark Carnival Art Direction
1997 The Sore Losers Design, Package Design
1997 Tres Flores The Chubbies Design
1996 Exotica 2000 Korla Pandit Producer
1996 Girlfight Southern Culture on the Skids Art Direction
1996 God Bless the Devil Fearless Leader Graphic Design
1996 Paris in April April March Sleeve Art
1996 Rodent and Insect Eliminator Ultrasonic Attack Wave Pestrepeller Art Direction
1995 Chick Habit April March Artwork
1995 Fish Lounge Phenobarbidols Graphic Design
1995 Gambling Days Are Over The Compulsive Gamblers Layout Design
1995 Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Design
1995 I'm the King The Chubbies Layout Design
1995 Roky Erickson & Evilhook Wildlife Roky Erickson Graphic Design
1995 When I Lay My Burden Down Quadrajets Art Direction
1994 Infinity Satan's Cheerleaders Art Direction
1994 Journey to the Centre of Your Wallet The Humpers Art Direction
1994 Mr. Downchild '68 Comeback Graphic Design
1994 The Legendary Brown Album The Child Molesters Art Direction
1994 Volume War Trash Can School Design
1993 In-a-Gadda-da-Change Bloodloss Graphic Assembly
1993 Memphis Sol Today! The Gibson Bros. CD Package Design
1993 Positively Sick on 4th St. The Humpers Graphic Design, Layout Design, Graphic Layout
1992 Fifty Dollar Baby/Music for Me Mad Daddys Design
1992 Sphereality Crawlspace Vocals, Artwork, Design
1991 Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are NOT Devo! Claw Hammer Package Design
1980 Pass the Dust, I Think I'm Bowie Black Randy & The Metrosquad Graphic Design
1979 Hello World Korps Package Design
1977 Music to Kill By Afrika Korps Liner Notes, Graphic Design, Composer
1977 Teenage Suicide Thundertrain Graphic Design, Interviewer
Kon Taan Kor Dark Sunny Land Design
Opening Up Tim Carroll Design